Buying business suits for guys is not as tough as it seems to be, provided you keep a few tips handy. Go through this article and know how to buy men's business suit.

How To Buy Men's Business Suit

With the passing time, the dress codes for office have become quite relaxed. Apart from the casual Fridays, many organizations have started adopting business casuals as an everyday office wear as well. However, there are many companies that insist on having their employees wear formals to the workplace. If your company is one of them and you need to wear business suits on a regular basis, this article will surely prove to be useful for you. In the following lines, we have listed tips on how to buy men's business suit, just for you!
Buying Business Suits For Guys
  • In order to buy men's business suits, you will first have to decide on the particular jacket style that you want. The options include two-button, three-button and four-button. In a particular button style, you can go for single-breasted as well as double-breasted jackets.
  • After you have decided on the style of the jacket (coat), you will have to select the color as well as the pattern for the same. In case you go for patterned fabric, make sure that the pattern lines up at shoulder as well as the lapel seams.
  • Now is the time to pick the fabric for your suit. If you want to go for something that is seasonally versatile, high-quality worsted wool will be the best bet. In case it is summer wear that you are looking for, cotton and linen are good options.
  • In majority of the cases, men prefer to have suits that do not wrinkle too much. The only exception to this is when they choose a fabric that is meant to wrinkle, such as linen. Otherwise, you will need to crumple the suit fabric to make sure that it does not wrinkle.
  • Next, you will be required to select the style of pants, for the suit. You can either go for pleated pants or the ones with a flat front. The former are dressier and provide room for free movement. The latter, on the other hand, slim down the legs.
  • Decide whether you want cuffed legs for the pants or would prefer to go for uncuffed ones. Cuffed legs look much more formal than the uncuffed ones. They also tend to add weight to the suit and make the legs seem shorter. Uncuffed pants area bit informal and tend to elongate the legs.
  • Now, you will have to try the jacket, to make sure that it fits well. Its collar needs to lie flat against the back of your neck, at the same time showing 1/4-inch rim of shirt collar. Also make sure that the shoulders are lightly padded, while being neither too boxy nor too sloped.
  • While trying the suit jacket, remember to pay attention over the sleeves as well. They should reveal 1/4 to 1/2 inch of shirt cuff and fall 5 inches above the tip of your thumb. Now, sit down while wearing the jacket, to ensure that it is comfortable and doesn't bunch up.
  • Trying on the pants will comprise of the last step in the procedure of buying men's business suit. The pants should sit on the waist, not hips. They need to drape over and break slightly at the top of your shoes. Walk while wearing the pants, to ensure that the socks are not visible. 
  • The button-style that you choose for the suit jacket will depend upon the latest fashion. As for the choice between single-breasted and double-breasted jackets, the latter tend to add bulk to the figure and should be preferred by thin men only.
  • While selecting the fabric for your suit, make sure to avoid blends that contain too much polyester. This is because such fabrics do not breathe well and also tend to look cheap.

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