For many of us, wrinkles & horror are synonymous! Though we can't avoid them completely, preventing wrinkles is possible. Explore the tips given here and know how to prevent wrinkles naturally.

How To Prevent Wrinkles

Today, the market of anti-wrinkle products and procedures is worth more than a billion dollars. Every day, we see a new company launching a 'so-called' miracle anti-aging cream, which puts an end to wrinkles. As expected, we mindlessly splurge on anything that promises to keep us young. Whatever happened to graceful aging! Moving over that, it’s not snootiness that’s responsible for the hullabaloo over wrinkles. Because of the pollution and the changing lifestyle, the age is coming faster on us. Twenty or thirty years earlier, people used to worry about wrinkles when they reached fifty. Now, it’s the people in the age group of twenty-five to thirty-five that are the most concerned about aging. Although the technology has come up with much new stuff, like Botox and face lifting, almost all of them are very costly and in some cases, harmful too. So, what's the next best thing to do? Go natural! How? We will tell you! Go through the following lines and know how to prevent wrinkles naturally.
Preventing Wrinkles Naturally
Sun Is Your Enemy
Sun has a very adverse effect on your skin, one of which comprises of pre-mature wrinkles. So, try to stay away from sun as much as possible, especially in mid-day. Wear wide-brimmed hat and full sleeves, whenever going out in sun. Make sure to use a high protection sunscreen as well.
Exercise, Exercise & Exercise
Although it may be one of the most worn-out phrases, but it’s one that will never be passé. Instead of the usual form of running on the treadmill, you can incorporate new forms of exercises, like kick boxing, yoga, meditation etc.
Have No Diet Dilemma
There is no other simplest way of having a good and healthy life than a good diet. In fact, a balanced diet is your simplest key to long life and younger-looking skin.
Keep Yourself Hydrated
It is one of the most important methods to keep your skin supple and smooth. Water helps wash off all the toxins from your body and keeps it wrinkle free. So, drink lots of water and fruit juices. Also, limit the intake of coffee and tea.
Get Enough Sleep
Proper sleep is necessary for the body, as it does lot more than just giving rest. It builds the immune system, revives lost cells, rejuvenates tissues, removes stress and adds a glow to your skin. So, make it a habit to sleep for 7-8 hours daily.
Have Facials Regularly
Facials are not just for the vain. Rather, they have become a necessity in today’s polluted environment. Have facials regularly, but always choose the ones that do not contain harmful chemicals.
Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize
If you apply makeup on a regular basis, then this regime is surely your safety net. Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face on a daily basis and you would find yourself with no wrinkles in the long run.
Use Facial Muscles Sparingly
Many people have the habit of stretching the face, which often leads to wrinkle, in the form of crow’s feet and laugh lines. That’s why it’s suggested that you avoid excessive use of face muscles. Be it raising the eye-brows, frowning or squinting your eyes, all increase the chance of wrinkles and hence, should be avoided.
Don’t Take Stress
When you are happy, the world seems to be beautiful and you start glowing as well. Be happy and don’t take unnecessary stress. When the mind is happy and feels young, the body will automatically follow suit.

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