Looking out for the best way of getting your lips pierced? Browse through this article and get lots of tips on how to get a lip piercing.

How To Get A Lip Piercing

Piercing has come up as the latest style statement in the present time. Right from the eyebrows to lips to belly button, people are getting themselves pierced almost throughout their body. Are you thinking about getting your lips pierced? Before you take the step, make sure that you are ready to live with it for at least three months (the time it takes to heal, following which it can be removed) and are ready to face the social implications arising from the same. If you are, then go through the following lines and know how to get a lip piercing.
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Best Way Of Getting Your Lips Pierced
Be Sure
First of all, you need to be really sure that you want to go for lip piercing. Leave aside the pain that you will have to go through; it is likely to result in different kinds of reaction from different people, some of which will be negative as well. Are you prepared to handle it? In case you are working, you need to be sure that your employer will have no problem with the piercing. Also keep in mind that you will have to take proper care of the piercing, in the initial days as well as afterwards. It is also more prone to infections, ts be ready for all the extra effort.
Choose The Style
After you have made up your mind for the piercing, it is the time to decide about the exact style that you want to go for. For instance, you can get the piercing done on the bottom or top lip, off to one side or in the middle of your lip, or lower down on your chin (a labret piercing). In case you are opting for multiple piercing, decide on the exact placement that you want to go for. If you are feeling confused, it is advisable to undertake some research. Go through magazines often feature lip piercing or browse online galleries and decide.
Decide On The Piercer/ Studio
So, you have settled on the exact style for your lip piercing! Now, start looking out for a reputed and dependable piercer or studio. Do not be in a hurry. Take your time and do proper research before zeroing in on a particular piercer/ studio. Pay a visit to the piercer/ studio beforehand and ensure that it is clean and the people there are friendly as well as helpful. In case you have a friend who has had a good lip piercing done, ask him/her for recommendation. After you are completely satisfied, book an appointment with the piercer/ studio.
Get The Piercing
Now is the time to go for the piercing! Eat a light snack before going for the appointment, so you have the energy to bear the pain. Your piercer will first disinfect the area in which piercing has to be done and also ask you to use a mouthwash. Thereafter, he/she will mark the exact spot for piercing. If you do not agree with it, do tell him/her to shift it a little. Soon, he will proceed with the piercing procedure. Remain calm and try to focus your mind on something else, so that you don’t notice the pain. You now have your lip pierced.
Take Proper Care
After your lip has been pierced, do not hesitate in asking the piercer about aftercare instructions or some questions that might be coming in your mind. Make sure to carry the instructions to the letter and take proper care of your piercing. In general, you will have to avoid spicy or extremely hot food for several days and refrain from kissing as well. Wash the piercing with a mild antibacterial soap and warm water and soak it in sea salt soak, three to five times a day, for at least two weeks following the piercing. Even afterwards, make sure to take care.

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