Growing strong & healthy nails surely requires some efforts on your part. In case you are ready to undertake them, read this article and know how to get stronger nails.

How To Get Stronger Nails

Beautiful hands and feet personify the overall beauty of a woman. This is the reason why you will find most of the women showering extra care on both of them, like using special cleansers and applying cream specifically meant for that part of the body. Talking about hands, long, strong and well maintained nails are a prerequisite to their beauty. In case you are suffering from the problem of brittle nails, which easily fall prey to breakage, this is just the article for you. Go through the following lines and know how to get stronger nails.
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Growing Strong & Healthy Nails
No Biting Please!
This is the first tip that you need to follow, for getting stronger nails, will be to stop biting your nails from this very instance. Apart from damaging the nail bed, biting also results in the occurrence of hangnails. Next time you feel the urge to bite your nails, pop a gum into your mouth instead.
Remember The Polish
Applying polish on your nails is yet another way to strengthen them. It will help protect your nails from unnecessary breaking, to quite an extent. In case you don't feel like coloring your nails, there is always the option of applying a clear coat, just before going to bed.
Filing Is The Way!
Filing your nails on a regular basis can go long way in helping them make long and strong. As you indulge in filing, the uneven growth of your nails evens out and the chances of hangnails get minimized. So, do make sure that you have a good supply of files with you.
Stay Away From These Products
You need to be careful while applying various products on your nails, such as the polish, remover, and so on. Too much chemicals in these products can lead to the drying of your nails, resulting in undue damage. You especially need to make sure that none of your nail products contains toluene and DBP.
Trimming Is Necessary
Here, we are talking about the nails as well as cuticles. You should not let your nails get too long, as the extra length makes them susceptible to breaking. At the same time, do trim the overgrown cuticles as well as push them back off the nail bed. The best time for this will be after a bath, when the cuticles are soft.
Moisturizing Surely Helps
Just like the rest of your body, the nails also need to be moisturized on a daily basis. You can use special cuticle creams for the skin beside the sides of your nails. As for the entire nail, use a generous amount of moisturizer thereon and put on soft gloves or socks on your hands, for as much time as you can.
Some Tips 
  • Make sure to wear gloves while indulging in housework, such as washing the dishes or dusting the furniture. This is because cleaning products are bad for your nails.
  • Things like a hangnail, nick in the polish or pointy edge need to be fixed on an immediate basis. They might lead to more damage, if left untreated.

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