Getting artificial nails is one of the latest fashion trends these days. Check out the different types of artificial nails available in the market.

Artificial Nails

It is said that a woman should always have beautiful hands and beautiful feet. One of the main features that make a hand attractive comprises of the nails. Long nails, painted with a bright nail polish, add to the beauty of hands. However, there are many females who either have brittle nails or do not have good nail growth. In such a case, one should go for artificial nails. Not only are these nails more durable than the original ones, they are also much more compatible with nail polish. Read on further to get complete information on artificial nails.
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Different Types of Artificial Nails
There are various types of artificial nails available in the market. The major ones have been listed below.
Acrylic Nails
The strongest as well as the most durable nails are the acrylic ones. However, if you do not stick them perfectly, they will end up looking thick and totally artificial. So, make sure to go to a good salon for getting such nails. Acrylic nails are usually filled in every two to three weeks. Even when you want to remove the nails, it is better to get it done professionally only. Since maximum people use acrylic nails, they are easily available.
Sculptured Nails
The second category of artificial nails comprises of sculptured nails. In case you go for these types of nails, the manicurist will make use of acrylic, gel or fiberglass. After applying the said material, he/she will lengthen the material and sculpt over metal or foil. Otherwise he/she will first apply glue over the nail & then put the plastic nail tip over it. Thereafter, gel, fiberglass, silk or acrylic will be laid over the entire nail. With time, the base will be filled & the artificial tip filed down.
Silk, Linen and Fiber Wraps
Wraps are the pieces of silk, linen or fiberglass, cut into particular shapes and pasted on the nail plate. The main reason for applying wraps is to make the nail strong, though they might be used to increase the length of the nails also. Amongst all the three materials, fiber is the best. It has the smooth texture and natural look of silk as well as the strength of linen. So, you will be having nails that will not break easily and at the same time, are great to look at.
Gel Nails
In the initial years of their use, gel nails were made up of dental porcelain gel-powder. However, now the practice has been discontinued. The manicurists make use of a Mylar form to sculpt your nail these days. Thereafter, they cure your nails and finally set them, under an ultraviolet light. The result will be smooth and shining nails. The biggest advantage of gel nails is that they need to be filled in less often than acrylic nails.
Some Tips
Here are some tips for maintaining those beautiful looking artificial nails.  
  • Never ever use acetone-based remover on your artificial nails. Otherwise, your nails will wear out pretty soon.
  • After getting artificial nails, make sure to carry a bottle of nail glue with you everywhere and every time. This will help you mend your nails on a temporary basis, if and when they start to lift.
  • As and when your artificial nails begin to lift, visit your manicurist and get them fixed. If you delay the same, the nails might start developing fungus growth.

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