Boring nails do not have to be boring after all. You can always have artificial or acrylic nails. Read on for tips!

Artificial Nail Tips

“Oh, my love, the face of my world, I bent down on my knees and ask for thy hand. Be mine and honour this diamond in the warmth of thy hand”. Wow, the spellbinding charm of a Victorian proposal! Such a request would make any woman squeal with joy. What, under such circumstances, can possibly retain a woman in her place and stop her from thrusting her hand forward in her beloved’s hand? Bad nails! Yes, if you are reading this then you definitely know the importance of long and artistically carved nails. They are gorgeous. They are attractive. They add an aura to hands. And they are not natural to you. So what do you do? Just sulk around and compromise with what God has given you? No! That’s such an old-fashioned thing to do. Take things in your hand, literally, and give your hands that elegance you’ve always wanted, simply by using artificial nails! And don’t go fretting over how to use them, the tips are right under your nose. Literally!
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How To Use Artificial Nails
Artificial or acrylic nail tips are easily available in kits. Using them at home is very easy and convenient. There is a plethora of patterned and simple nails to choose from depending on your choice and requirement.
How To Apply Artificial Nails?
  • Pick a tip that complements the natural colour of your nails. It should stick to the free edge of your nail, while the sides extend. Always choose a larger size and file it according to your natural nail shape.
  • Clean your nails before you start with the artificial tips. Remove any nail enamel and lotion that you have on your nails and make sure they are dry.
  • Dip a cotton swab in acetone and rub each fingernail with it to remove your cuticles.
  • Gently buff all your fingernails with a nail buffer. This will allow the artificial tip to stick to your nail more effectively.
  • Put out a drop of resin on the inside of the artificial tip and press it on your nail till it gets a hold. This would ensure the tip security and push out any air-bubbles that were left in the resin.
  • Apply the rest of the nails, secure them in the same manner, and leave them for 10-15 minutes.
  • File the tips if required. Paint the tips if you have selected transparent ones. Try nail art or sticking gems to get desired look. 
How To Maintain Artificial Nails
  • Brittle and unhealthy nails can never support artificial nail tips. Using these tips on such nails would only add to their frailty.
  • Artificial nail tips tend to grow with your natural nails. Keep filing them to maintain your desired look.
  • There are high chances of contracting a fungus when you apply artificial nail tips. Remove them in 2 weeks to prevent such an occurrence and maintain squeaky cleanliness of your nails always. 
How To Remove Artificial Nails
  • Clip your nail tips as short as you can. Leave as little acrylic nail as possible on your natural nails.
  • File off any resin or acrylic from your nails.
  • Tape on acetone-soaked cotton swabs tightly on each of your nails with the help of cello tape or aluminum foil strips.
  • Peel off after 30 minutes and scrape off the acrylic using a clean orangewood stick or nail buffer.
  • Now moisturise your nails with lotion at least 3 times a day. 
General Tips
  • Never use household glue for nail repairs. It will seriously damage the nails.
  • If you do not have prior practice of applying fake nails, then follow the directions written on the box to ensure you put them safely or else your nails would be severely damaged.
  • Never apply artificial nails on infected or irritated nails.
  • Always check for allergies before you get your nails done.

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