Your nails help you make an impression. However, shaping them in the right way is never easy. Here are some interesting tips on how to shape your nails.

Nail Shaping Tips

Fabulous looking nails make a great style statement! And it is only fair that you give your talons some special pampering to ensure that they stay healthy and glowing all along. Have you ever stopped to look at your nails after a day of flurry activity? All the washing, digging, biting and tapping can lead your nails to revolt. Manicure is certainly the answer to your woes. However, if you cannot indulge in the luxury of professional manicure every once in a while, taking care of your nails at home is something that you can’t afford to ignore. While manicuring your hands at home, always take special care to trim and shape the nails properly. Well-trimmed and shaped nails enhance your looks and look graceful and elegant too. What more, they add to your femininity and help you flaunt awesome hands, without having your pockets ripped off in the parlor. Here are some useful nail shaping tips for you to follow.
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How To Shape Your Nails
  • Before you get going with the nail files and clippers, remember to wipe away every trace of nail polish. Use an ear bud dipped in nail polish remover, instead of cotton balls, to remove your nail color, as the former can easily doff off extra enamel on your cuticles and skin. Even if you are not wearing any enamel, you can use it to expel grease and grime from your nails.
  • Hard nails are difficult to shape. Soften your pads by dipping them in a bowl of tepid water for 15-20 minutes and then pat them dry. It will not only soften your cuticles and cart off impurities from your nails, but also make your nails soft and all set for pampering.
  • Once your cuticles are soft, gently lug them back and treat them with a cuticle cream. Be gentle on the area, as tugging your cuticles too hard can bruise your skin. Scrape out all the dirt stuck in your nail bed, with a nail file and scrub your hands gently to eliminate dead skin and remaining traces of dirt.
  • Before you begin filing, pause to choose the right tool for your nail. For simple nail filing, soft, pliable file is fine. Stay away from metal files, as they are harsh on your nail surface and can tear apart your natural nail. Even one wrong swipe can be damaging to both beautiful nails and nail health. You can also go for two-sided files with soft cushioned center or a flexible wooden file.
  • Understand that your nails are soft and dealing with them aggressively will only make things worse. Angle your file properly, holding it close to your fingertip. Contrary to the popular style, avoid holding the file perpendicular or even directly over the nail tip, as it is sure to wear down your nail skin, causing it to fray and peel.
  • The next big thing, of course, is deciding on the desired shape. Buck the current nail trend and find the shape that you feel is most flattering and practical for you! Most people opt for square nails as they rather look chic than the traditional oval ones. If you have oval cuticle, square shape may work for you. However, if you have pointed cuticles, oval shape will be just the right shape for you.
  • Oval or square, your nails are incomplete without color. Pick up your favorite shade or play with colors for a spunky, sporty look.

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