Cucumber is an absolute must for your skin regime if you are eying a great, smooth and flawless complexion. Know more about the skin benefits of cucumber, through this article.

Skin Benefits Of Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the few vegetables that not only taste yummy, but also work wonders for your skin. The fruit has frequently made its way to the list of hot favorites among beauty lovers. It is an absolute essential for any kind of home beauty treatment. The soothing effect of cucumber never fails to pep up sagging spirit and even slumped skin. It is a surprising beauty secret for the skin, with its hydrating, nourishing and astringent properties. Cucumbers have the same pH level as your skin, a fact that helps refurbish your skin’s protective and natural acid mantle. Just slice the cucumber and apply it straight onto your skin to soothe and soften it, or mix it with other kitchen ingredients for that lovely toning. Result: soft, smooth, cool, glowing skin! After a long day, just try treating your skin to the benefits of cucumber and see your face flush with radiance. Do you want to know how cucumber can turn all your skin woes into wonders? Read on to explore the skin benefits of cucumber, in detail.
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Cucumber Benefits For Great Skin
  • Scared of dark, haggard eyes! Cucumber may just bail you out of your woes. When it comes to treating under eye dark circles, most people often take to expensive eye creams, but with little results. Cucumber is one of the best known home remedies for dealing with those much dreaded beauty woes. The antioxidants and silica present in cucumber help to lighten the dark skin and rejuvenate tired, dull looking skin. So, before you head for that under-eye cream the next time, give cucumber a shot!
  • Puffy eyes never make for a pretty sight! In fact, they can make you look tired and older than your age. Late night outings, long hours of staring at your computer, allergies, high salt intake or even stress can cause your eyes to puff up. One easy way to battle them comprises of the use of cucumber slices. Cucumbers contain ascorbic acid, which helps to decrease water retention and reduce puffiness.
  • Freckles may look cute on a kid, but they do not look very attractive on you! Fight freckles with cucumber juice. It is a much safer bet than all the skin bleaches and whitening creams that you usually use. Just squeeze out cucumber juice, dab it all over your face, and see the freckles disappear overtime.
  • Cucumber is known to whiten, brighten and even tighten your skin. So stop scouring market shelves for radiant creams and switch on to this fruit. Cucumber juice is rich in silica, which is known to enhance complexion and add glow to your skin.
  • You are an outdoor buff and love to spend your time outside! Well, spending long hours out in the sun exposes you to the risk of sunburns. Sun burnt skin makes for an ugly sight and if left untreated, can pose a serious threat in the future. Attend to it with cucumber. It has cooling effects that soothe the skin and rejuvenate it as well.
  • Cucumber makes for an excellent skin toner as well. Just mix it with a few drops of lemon, honey, or aloe vera and apply on your skin. It will help open pores, leaving your skin supple and radiant. For the purpose, you can use plain cucumber juice as well.

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