A single thick brow that extends to the bridge of the nose is often a nuisance. Here’s how to get rid of the Unibrow.

How To Get Rid Of Unibrow

Imagine looking like a ram with its two horns on your head. The very thought forces you into uttering a disgusted “Yuck!” Imagine what it would be like to have one thick bushy brow on your forehead, instead of two neatly shaped ones. Does that make you feel like a ram yourself? This one thick brow is known as the unibrow and often makes both men and women look ugly. If you have one thick unibrow, it will attract all unwanted attention to itself, taking away emphasis from your eyes, no matter how beautiful they may be. It is best to maintain and shape such a unibrow into two separate brows so that it accentuates the eyes again. Here are some ways to get rid of the unibrow.
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Getting Rid Of Unibrow 
Here are some ways in which you can get rid of the ugly unibrow to create a cleaner and more presentable look on your face:
Tweezing is one of the oldest ways known to mankind when it comes to removal of unwanted hair; it is, in fact, best suited for eyebrows. Dip on corner of a soft towel into hot or almost boiling water and press this end gently against the brow right above the nose on the strands of hair that you wish to remove, till the time you no longer feel hot. The hot water helps to open the pores of the skin, causing you less pain when tweezing or plucking. Now, pluck the hairs one by one so as to give a definite shape to both the eyebrows. After you are done and the results are satisfactory, apply clarifying lotion or astringent to the whole area and apply cold water to the Unibrow area, just like you did with the hot water. Cold water will help to close the pores.
The market is full of various types of waxing kits that may need different instruction to be followed but work on the same principle. Such kits will be available at large drug stores or reputed shops selling cosmetics. You could also ask your beautician who runs the salon about where to find waxing kits for removing a unibrow. Women will most probably know how to use them for they are not unknown to the waxing technique. For those who are uninitiated (read, men!) here’s how to do it – warm the wax a little and apply it over a dry patch of skin. Let it cool down a little and then pull it off as quickly as possible. It will hurt for a few seconds but this is the safest way to do it. Though the results for each of them are the same, waxing is said to leave behind smoother skin as it also takes away dead skin from the skin surface, allowing the new and fresh layer of skin to breathe. The hair that is removed will not come back for one to three weeks in this way.
Though the story about shaven hair growing thicker and pricklier is an old wives’ tale, it is true that shaving will bring back the hair in less than five days and does not remove the dead skin like waxing does. This method is recommended for men but women are advised not to subscribe to it.
Though people would advise you against using them at all costs, you must not be swayed. Instead, you should be cautious enough to check whether it will cause your skin any irritation or not. Try using a patch of it on your crook of your elbow on the inner side and see if there is any irritation or itching. If there is none, you can safely use it; or else, you will have to refrain

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