Putting fake nails is the latest fashion trend nowadays. To know how to put on fake nails, read the tips given below.

How To Put Nails

Amongst the latest fashion trends in the industry, putting fake nails has become a popular craze amongst girls. You may be having a gorgeous face and the latest fashion apparels, but just imagine what you be your impression if someone sees you with ugly and brittle nails! These nails can ruin all your efforts to look attractive. Nails can get brittle either due to nail biting or due to the deficiency of essential nutrients, like iron or zinc. Some people may even get the brittle nails from the use of certain cosmetics, like nail polish, which lead to the gradual thinning and finally breaking of the nails.
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Fake nails come as a rescue for all those pretty girls who aspire for beautiful nails. These can be directly put over your natural nails, with the help of glue. Fake nails are quite convenient, especially for those girls who either have slow nail growth rate or have brittle nails that chip off easily. The easy availability of the fake nails in the market as well as the comfort with which they can be applied has made them highly popular amongst fashion conscious girls. These are available in a wide array of designs and styles and are made from gel, acrylic, linen, fiberglass or fiber wraps. If you are now wondering how to put on fake nails, read the tips given below.
Tips to Put on Nails 
  • Buy a set of artificial nails. Nail sets are easily available in the market and make the application process simpler. Many easy-to-use artificial nail brands are available at beauty supply stores.
  • You need to find the right size nails for yourself. They should not be hanging over the sides, instead fit properly and should look almost like real nails.
  • With the help of nail polish remover, remove the previous nail polish from your fingernails. Make sure that no part of the polish remains on the nail.
  • With the help of a nail cutter, trim down your nails. This is necessary in order to make the artificial nails look natural, when applied. With a nail file, make your rough nails smooth.
  • Apply nail glue in small quantity, directly on your fingernails. Use a small amount, so that you do not end up messing it all on your nails. When you press the nails, the glue will come out from the sides, if used in excess. So, be judicious about the quantity of glue to be applied.
  • Hold the artificial nail by its tip and place it carefully on top of the nail glue. Apply some pressure for about two to three minutes, so that the artificial nail sticks properly on to the natural nail. Repeat the same steps for all the nails.
  • Let the nail stick properly, before proceeding on to this step. Take a nail cutter and cut the nails in the desired style and length. You can refer to any beauty magazine or internet, to get some latest trends of nail designs. Take your choice in making the tips square or round.
  • Once you are done with the cutting of the nails, choose a new polish for your nails. Apply it evenly on your nails. After putting one coat on the nails, allow it to dry for some time. Then, put on the second coat, followed by a clear top coat. You will be elated to see your elegant nails!

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