Painting nails in a variety of ways and designs is a funky way to make a fashion statement. Explore this article to know how to make designs on your nails, at home.

How To Make Designs On Your Nails

Nails form an important part of hygiene and should be kept in tip-top shape or at least nicely trimmed, all the time. Applying nail enamel also works fine. Talking about enamel, besides the regular nail paints; nail designs have caught an instant attention nowadays. Once out of sight, nail designs have re-surfaced as a part of the fashion bandwagon, courtesy fashion shows and fashion gurus. However, you need to remember that the design should be simple and classy, so that it blends well with the current fashion-o-meter and reveals the chic lady inside you. Nail designs must be visually appealing. However, this does not mean that you need to look out for the closest parlor in your proximity and wait for them to design your nails at exorbitant prices. Rather, it is best advised to step out of your comfort zone and boost your creativity by designing your nails on your own, at any time of the day. Read this article and know how to make design on your nails, for a glamorous look.
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Ways To Design Your Nails At Home
  • Choose a color that is prominent in the dress you are wearing and apply it on your nails. Let it dry completely. Now, take a color that is less prominent and make a diagonal line over the previous paint.
  • For a shimmering effect, all you need to do is paint your nail in a bold color and apply a coat of sparkle nail paint on top.
  • Paint your nail in one color and then, using a toothpick, sketch a word over it, before it becomes dry.
  • If you are in college, go for bright and tango colors like red, orange, green, silver and black, to make a zebra, polka dot or other such design. This would reveal a lot about your personality and your mood at present.
  • Another option would be to paint your nails in French manicure style. This looks classy as well as elegant and fits all sort of dressing style.
  • How about depicting the fruity style? You can easily design a strawberry, a blueberry or a ladybug on your nail. Overcoat the design with a nail-gloss to finish the look.
  • Making flowers, polka dotes, stars, palm tree, and hearts are some other options you can go for, while painting your nails.
  • For stylish design, with minimal effort, you can resort to adding rhinestones to your simple painted nails. However, avoid clutter in this look. A small rhinestone per nail is enough.
  • If you are a novice, practice a design on paper first then, using nail paint, make it on the nail as well.Let it dry thoroughly, so that it is not distorted.
  • Make sure to coat your nails with transparent nail paint each day, after making the design, to prevent them from chipping.
  • Designing your nails needs patience and practice to get flawless results. So, be read to endure.
  • Paint a single nail steadily, so that it does not look messy. Continue this for all the nails.
  • You can complement your design with nail accessories, but make sure not to overdo it.
  • You can also choose nail designs from the display at various saloons.

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