Enhancement of thin eyebrows will make your face appear even more striking and beautiful. Explore the article for some valuable tips on how to fix thin eyebrows.

How To Fix Thin Eyebrows

Eyebrows can dramatically change your appearance as they are an obvious feature of your face. Defining your eyebrows neatly accentuates your facial beauty, but thin eyebrows can simply spoil the whole effort. Thin eyebrows are not flattering for your face. They may be natural or result from external factors, like over-plucking or threading in the wrong way. However, it is possible to fix your thin eyebrows and enhance their appearance. The article brings you some valuable tips for enhancement of eyebrows. Read on to know how to fix thin eyebrows and make your face look even more striking and attractive.
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Eyebrow Enhancement Tips 
  • Allow thin eyebrows to grow fully. If over-plucking has caused your eyebrow to become thin, allow them to grow back, until they begin to display their original shape. You can use to mascara to tame your eyebrows while they are growing, to avoid an unkempt look.
  • You can also try tinting options for thin eyebrows. If you get your hair colored, you may well ask your stylist to color your brows as well, one shade lighter than the color of your hair. It will become easier to figure out how many lashes you actually have, once the hair gets colored. You can also use a touchup pen to impart color to your eyebrows.
  • Before you begin to pluck your eyebrow, brush the hair up and trim the tip of the hair that extends further than the top edges of your hair. While plucking hinders hair growth, trimming serves to stimulate hair follicles. For a more natural look while trimming the eyebrows, take care not to trim straight across the hair. Cut them one by one, using an eyebrow trimmer.
  • It is important to remember that the eyebrow lash you are plucking will never grow again. Therefore, only pluck the stray lashes, which fall on the outside of the natural brow shape. If you want to figure out from where your eyebrows should begin, hold a pencil straight up and down along the edge of your nostril. The eyebrow area begins from where the pencil touches the brow bone.
  • Use eyebrow powder in place of eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow pencil leaves a sharp and thin line of color on the eyebrow area, which looks awkward on the face. Eyebrow powder gives a fuller and more even appearance to the brows and also stays on longer, due to its oil base. Go for a color that is one shade lighter than the color of your hair. Use small feathery strokes to conceal the thin spots and define the natural brow shape. Brush your brows up and out, to blend the color well. 
Useful Tip
Your thin eyebrows can become thicker by the use of some hair growth oils and products. If you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working, you can switch over to hair growth solutions. Religious application will give you the desired results.

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