Most of the women look out for effective ways of facial hair removal. Read on to explore tips for removing facial hair in women.

Facial Hair Removal For Women

Almost every woman has some amount of hair on her face. One should have no problem with facial hair as long as it is unnoticeable. However, in some women, there is a dense growth of facial hair, especially around the eyebrows, chin, upper lip, jaw and forehead. This hair comes in the way of having a great look. If you are tensed over the growth of facial hair, we bring you the best ways to get rid of them. From amongst them, you need to select the one that suits you and use it to see the remarkable difference. Read through the below tips and get a complete idea on facial hair removal for women.
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Removing Facial Hair In Women
Waxing is the most convenient method for removing facial hair in women. You can find both cold and hot wax variety widely available in the market. Apply a layer of melted wax in a portion of face and then put a waxing strip on it. Press the waxing strip against the skin and then pull off immediately, against the direction of the hair growth. You will see that the hair will be pulled out. Repeat the same process for all over the face, till you see that there is no more hair remaining. In case waxing causes skin irritation or reddening, discontinue the process.
Use bleach for the darker hair on your face. Bleaching reduces the dark color of the hair and makes it blend with the color of the face. As a result of this, the hair becomes least noticeable. The bleach has to be repeated more than one times, to get the satisfactory result. However, beaching is ineffective for dense hair, like that present in upper lip, forehead and neck area.
Tweezing & Threading
You can remove the tiny hair follicles effectively by tweezing. It is advisable to use face-wash before tweezing, as it will make the soft skin and help in easy removal of the hair. Tweezing is done by using a pair of tweezers. Threading is another convenient method, especially for the eyebrows, upper lip and lower chin. Threading is done by rolling a piece of thread on the unwanted hair. However, both tweezing and threading require good amount of time and also a lot of practice to get it in the right way. The hair shaft needs to be big enough to be effectively removed by this process. Generally, hair does not grow for 2-6 weeks after tweezing and threading, depending from person to person.
Depilatories use calcium hydroxide, calcium or sodium thioglycolate, which remove the hair by dissolving it. Normally, the hair grows back in few days, as it is removed only from the surface in this process. Take care that you apply a patch of the depilatory on a small portion of your face first and see if it is causing any skin allergy or irritation. In case you notice such things, discontinue the process immediately.
This is one of the permanent methods of removing facial hair. In this case, mild electric shock is given; destroying the hair follicles. The process uses two techniques, called the needle epilator and tweezers epilator. Electrolysis is expensive and since it uses very low voltage, it is not every effective. It is a painful process and you may need to go through several sessions. People with pacemaker or previous record of any surgery should avoid using electrolysis for facial hair removal.
Laser Hair Removal
Among all the various forms of hair removal, laser is the best method. It assures that hair does not re-grow for 6 months to a year. In this process, a laser beam is flashed over the hair growth at regular intervals of time. The hair follicle dies by the effect of the laser beam. This technique works well for people with light skin only. This process has a major drawback that it can turn the vellus hair into terminal hair at any point of time. Always go for the laser method under the guidance of trained professionals only, lest you end up with scars and burns on your face. 

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