Removing facial hair can be quite a task for guys. Read the article below on facial hair removal methods for men.

Facial Hair Removal For Men

For the new metrosexuals facial hairs are a no – no, not even a goatee. Forget the tag. Who is comfortable with hairs sprouting like weeds throughout the face? It is not only uncomfortable for the person but is also an eyesore. To look like Hagar the Horrible is good only in comic strips, but in real life it borders on indecency. Earlier, men removing facial hairs were frowned upon – it was unheard of. This taboo became so strong that men had to remove their unwanted facial hair on the sly. They wouldn’t confess doing this even to their buddies. Facial hairs were once considered the signs of masculinity. Not anymore. Better to show your brawn or your brains but leave out the hairs, please.  If you are one of those who wish to have a perfectly mowed face then read the article below to know the various methods of facial hair removal for men.
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Facial Hair Removal Methods For Guys
  • Shaving is the most accepted and popular form of removing the beard, whiskers and mustaches.
  • It is also less painful other than a mild irritation. Using a shaving gel or cream makes shaving more comfortable.
  • One drawback is that it must be done regularly as the hair the shaved hair grows fast. 
  • Waxing pulls the hairs by the roots and so it is very painful.
  • It is not advisable to wax the mustache and beard unless the hairs are very thin and light.
  • Waxing can be used efficiently to remove the thin facial hairs.
  • In waxing the hairs take a long time to grow as they are plucked from their roots. 
  • Depending upon the sensitivity of the skin, hair removal creams can be used.
  • Since, most of them are harsh they must be tested prior to application.
  • Don’t use hair removal creams near the eyes or if there are any cuts. 
  • Plucking is a very good option to trim the eyebrows.
  • However to remove other types of facial hair it is very painful.
  • You can also pluck your ear and nose hairs. A pair of tweezers is the best tool for plucking. 
  • In electrolysis the electric current is used to destroy the hair root using a needle shaped electrode.
  • It is costly but gives the best results.
  • Removing facial hair by electrolysis must be done by a qualified medical practitioner. 
  • Laser hair removal works on the same principle as the electrolysis.
  • Here, instead of electric current, laser ray is used to burn the hair root.
  • This treatment is also very expensive. 
  • Sugaring is similar to waxing but with a sticky paste.
  • The sugar paste is made using sugar, lemon juice, cornstarch and honey.
  • The paste sticks to the hair and when pulled the hair is removed. 
  • A thin cotton thread is used to remove the hairs.
  • The thread is held tightly in both hands and then rolled over the hairy parts.
  • The hair gets rolled onto the thread and are pulled out by their roots. 
  • Mix turmeric powder, besan powder and milk and apply the paste onto the face.
  • Let it dry. Scrub it off after drying.
  • The paste holds onto the hair and pulls it out. 
  • This is the mechanical version of waxing.
  • Epilators grasp hairs and pull them by the roots.
  • Unlike waxing it does not pull the skin epidermis. 
  • Enzymes inhibit the growth and development of new hair cells.
  • They inhibit the growth of hairs and gradually the hair stops growing.

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