Removing facial hair is a difficult task for women all over the world. Here are some easy techniques on how to get rid of female facial hair in the easiest manner.

How To Get Rid Of Female Facial Hair

There is nothing more embarrassing for a female than to have facial hair. Although beauty is not only skin deep but how you look has a considerable amount of effect on your self esteem and confidence. Facial hair is one of the biggest causes for anguish in females. Let’s face it, if a woman has facial hair and we are looking right at her, her facial hair would be the one thing that we will notice about her. This is what causes distress as that female with facial hair is always conscious of it because she can notice what other people observe first about her. We can imagine what that must feel like, to live under the shadow of a flaw on your face which never lets you feel fully confident and beautiful. Facial hair is not just a matter of chance but it represents a serious health issue. It is a sign of hormonal imbalance. The excess body or facial hair in medical terms is known as hirsutism. This phenomenon is usually hereditary, which means that if you have a history of facial hair in your family then you might have it too. But it is not just genetic; if you develop a hormonal disorder at any stage of your life then also you might suffer from the agonizing growth of facial hair. It is because sometimes in a female body testosterone or adrenal hormones is over produced. Women with polycystic ovarian disorder also suffer from facial hair; in fact, sudden growth of facial hair is a big symptom of polycystic ovarian disorder. Once this disorder is put under control with the right medication then the growth of facial hair is also eliminated. This is why it is important that when you observe abrupt facial hair growth then you see a doctor as soon as possible because it might be an indication of a bigger problem and without controlling that problem you will not be able to deal with facial hair growth. But if you have incurred facial hair from one of these hormonal imbalance problems or genetic reasons then you should try and do everything to get rid of it. It is important that you not just sulk in depression every time you look at your face in the mirror but find out a clever way to get rid of it. Here in this article you can find some of these ways to get rid of facial hair.
Eliminating Women’s Facial Hair
Laser: In laser technology, laser beam is used on the part of the face with facial hair growth on it. This helps in obliterating the skin follicles beneath the surface of the skin which helps in putting a stop on the hair growth in that region. This requires 6-8 sessions to make sure that the skin follicles are destroyed properly and there will not be any hair growth on that part of the face in the future. You need to be careful after this treatment, for if you will go out in the sun without a sun block then you might suffer from dark skin patches which is also known as hyperpigmentation. After the treatment the hair growth will stop and you will be completely free from the misery of facial hair. The only catch here is that this is a costly treatment and requires more time and some women find the procedure painful.
Intense Pulsed Light:  Intense pulsed light or IPL is a treatment which resembles laser treatment in many ways. The only difference is that it uses various light wavelengths while laser uses just single light wavelength. The usage of various light wavelengths makes the procedure less painful and reduces the chances of hyperpigmentation. This is a much gentler method and the hair comes back much finer just after the first sitting. This requires about 6-10 treatments with a gap of 1-3 months between each treatment. This process is also much more suitable than the laser treatment for the women with fairer hair. Its only disadvantage over laser is that it is much more expensive and is more time consuming.
Electrolysis: In this procedure the hair on the face is give an electric shock with the means of sterile and fine needle. This needle is inserted individually into each follicle. This slices the supply of oxygen and blood to the hair, ultimately killing it from its root. It is more effective than IPL and laser because the result is guaranteed as the hair will never grow back again because the follicle is completely destroyed. This procedure needs several sessions and is a time consuming process. Because it is a tiresome procedure, it is good to treat areas where there is not much hair. It also is a bit painful process.
Waxing: In this process warm wax is applied to the affected area with a special spatula and then it is pulled off either by hand or by using fabric strips. It is a much quicker, cheaper and easily available treatment. In fact, you can do it yourself at home whenever you feel the need. Facial hair removal wax kits are quite easily available in the market. After one session of waxing off your facial hair, you would need it again after 2-6 weeks time. Although its only disadvantage is that it works better on fine hair than coarser hair and the re-growth happens much faster.
Depilatory Creams Also known as hair removal cream; you can apply it on your facial hair and leave it for some time. Remove it after a few minutes and the hair will come off with it. It is a cheap and effective method that you can perform yourself at home. But the re-growth is much faster because the chemicals used in these creams only dissolves the keratin in the hair structure only on the surface and not at the root. You will have to repeat the procedure every 2-3 weeks.
Plucking &Threading: Pluck it out with tweezers. It is a good option if you have light and thin hair on places like eyebrows, nose, jaw line and chin. Unwanted hair growing around chin and upper lip can be removed easily with the help of tweezers without much pain and efforts.
Bleaching Products: It is seen that hair once removed or plucked, tend to grow faster and thicker. In that case you don't want to remove them. You can make them less prominent on your face, by trying bleaching products that help in fading their appearance. Start with bleaching hidden areas of your face. Like any other chemical products, be extra careful while trying it for the first time.
Correct Make-Up: A correct make-up can hide the fine hair on your face. Cover them with a thin layer of natural foundation and powder so that others cannot see them.

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