Do you want to know how to moisten contact lenses in the eye? If yes, browse through the article and explore the best way to moisten the contacts in your eyes.

How To Moisten Contact Lenses In The Eye

Wearing lenses is the best way to get rid of the spectacles. Apart from stabilizing your eye power, they also allow you to show your asset, the strikingly beautiful eyes, to the world. However, contact lens requires proper care and attention. For people who wear contacts, drying of the lens is an issue they might have faced often. While dry climate is the prime reason for dryness of the contacts, sleeping off while wearing lenses and putting them on for an extended period of time are other occasions when you would face similar problem. It is very important to moist contacts in such a condition, lest you might end up having a blurred vision or redness, pain and itching in the eyes. In the following lines, we have provided the best way to moisten the contacts in your eyes.
How To Moisten Contact Lenses In The Eye
Items Required 
  • Lens Solution
  • Dropper 
  • To moisten contact lens in the eye, the first step would be to fill the dropper with the lens solution.
  • Now, tilt your head in an upward direction.
  • Open the eye and hold the lower lid with your left index finger.
  • Position the dropper in such a way that it is placed right above your eye.
  • Once this is done, squeeze a drop or two into your eye, from your right hand.
  • As the drops go inside, just close your eyes. You would feel a cooling sensation.
  • Repeat the process for the other eye. 
  • If you face any trouble doing this on your own, ask a friend to help. 
  • Keep your contacts dipped in the lens solution for at least 10 hours per day, so as to prevent any kind of dryness.
  • Make sure you carry a small bottle of lens solution and lens case every time you move out.
  • In case your contacts create a lot problem, keep your glasses as well.  They might come in handy, in such situations.

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