Do you want to wear the best contact lenses available in the market? If yes then explore the article and know about the most popular and common brands of contact lenses.

Most Common Brands Of Contact Lenses

Instead of hiding their beautiful eyes behind a pair of specs, many people are now opting for contact lenses. Contact lenses tend to be more comfortable, although they need to be handled with utmost care. Not only have they emerged as the best solution for various types of eye disorders, contact lenses have also become a fashion accessory for the eyes. The manufacturers are producing lenses of all kinds, aimed at fulfilling different needs of the wearers. Check out information about the most common brands of contact lenses, in the following lines.
Popular Brands Of Contact Lenses
Bausch & Lomb
Bausch & Lomb is one of the oldest and the most popular brands in the field of contact lenses. Established in 1853, the company has grown up to a multi-billion dollar corporation and currently employs over 14000 people worldwide. People in more than 100 countries, today, count amongst its valued customers. Bausch & Lomb manufactures different types of lenses, including those meant for vision. People suffering from eye disorders like Myopia, Presbyopia and Astigmatism can opt for the lenses produced by the company, to ensure a better vision. Apart from the soft and the disposable ones, the company also makes sports tinted and a variety of gas permeable contact lenses.
Cibavision is one of the established names amongst the manufacturers of contact lenses. Headquartered in Atlanda, Georgia, the company produces a variety of lenses and lens care products. It has been catering to the varying needs of its consumers since its inception. Cibavision manufactures a wide variety of lenses, which includes cosmetic, permanent, disposable, weekly or monthly wear, bifocal and 'specialty' lenses. People suffering from astigmatism will find the lenses produced by Cibavision, to be the best choice. The lenses manufactured by the company are specially designed to provide crisp and clear vision.
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson, one of the oldest health care products manufacturers, has been the popular choice for contact lenses, for people across many countries. Its subsidiary, named 'Vistakon', is into the production of disposable soft contact lenses, under the brand name of 'Acuvue'. These lenses are specially manufactured to provide utmost comfort and clear vision for the people wearing them. Apart from the colored and the multi-focal ones, Johnson & Johnson also makes lenses to provide a clear vision to those suffering from Astigmatism. Affordability is the highlight of Acuvue lenses.
CooperVision is one of the most popular brands of contact lenses. The company is ranked as the fourth largest manufacturer of contact lenses in the world. High quality lenses are offered by the company, among which the 'specialty' and 'Frequency 55 Aspheric' lenses are most popular. CooperVision makes use of two-lens system in its 'Frequency 55 multi-focal' lenses. Hydrasoft, Proclear, Ultra vue and Vertex are other types of lenses made by the company. All the lenses produced by CooperVision promise to deliver a comfortable and clear vision to the people wearing them.
Fresh Look
If you want to alter your appearance on a daily or weekly basis, then opt for the lenses produced by Fresh Look. The manufacturer specializes in producing high-quality disposable contact lenses. It has succeeded in gaining repute by producing the lenses as a fashion accessory for the eyes. Fresh Look also makes lenses that are designed to cater to certain vision problems. Its colored lenses provide subtle change to the color of the eye. You can opt for a variety of colored lenses, ranging from the bright to the bold ones.
Manufactured by Ocular Sciences, Biomedics are 1-2 week disposable contact lenses. The company offers a wide selection of soft lenses, to cater to the different needs of the customers. Some of the most popular choices include Biomedics XC, Biomedics EP, and Biomedics 55 / Mediflex 55. Biomedics Aspheric lenses produced by the company are designed to correct the aberrations and aim to provide greater clarity in vision.

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