The best diamond brands in India include Adora, Tanishq, Kiah, Nirvana and D'damas. To know more about top Indian diamond retailers, read on.

Best Diamond Brands In India

‘A diamond is a girl’s best friend’, holds true in the contemporary world like never before. Matched with Indian ethnicity and beauty, the precious stone is on a roll, with more and more customers attracted towards it. The retail revolution has opened the flood gates for national and international brands to make in roads into the Indian market, luring the customers with creativity and innovation. This has made branded jewelry, the new market mantra, which promises to suit the needs and budget of every Indian pocket.
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The Trend!
The market strategy of the diamond companies are cleverly cashing on the Indian customs and traditions, which offer the best opportunity for the promotion and sales of the brands. Another reason for the rise in the trend of branded jewelry is contributed to the fact that gold is faring too high in the market. This has compelled the buyers to drift towards diamond jewelry, as the price margin between the two has lowered. Thus, people want to invest in stylish diamond jewelry, which is a status symbol they can flaunt.
Top Diamond Brands in India
Branded Jewelry has transformed the Indian jewelry market significantly and hopes to do well in future too. Some of the top diamond brands in India include: 
  • Adora is as diamond jewelry brand, which was launched by a Mumbai based Jewelry Corporation. The brand is themed on love and celebration of life and is trusted by many celebrities. The list includes ‘the Nightingale of India’, Lata Mangeshkar. An exclusive collection Swaranjali was designed for the admirers of the legendary singer as well for all music lovers. Adora boasts of about 65 outlets in 35 cities.
  • Tanishq is one of the most popular diamond jewelry brands in India and is known for its innovative designs. It is the jewelry business group of Titan Industries Ltd, which is promoted by the TATA group. It was launched in 1995 and boasts of 84 outlets in 61 cities. Tanishq introduced the ‘collections’ strategy in jewelry.
  • Kiah is another brand which is deemed stylish, light weight and yet striking. It was launched by Sheetal manufacturing company in October 2004. Celebrating womanhood, the brand name, Kiah stands for ‘beautiful place’. It even won the Best showroom in DTC Diamond Season 2005-2006.
  • Nirvana Diamonds were launched by Fine Jewelry (I) Ltd in 1987. Implementing the state of the art technology, the collection is targeted at fashion conscious, modern and independent women. To prove its authenticity, Nirvana even offered lifetime warranty to its customers.
  • D'damas is one of the oldest diamond houses of India. It forms a part of the Gitanjali Digico Group and was founded in 1966. The brand offers world class cutting and polishing facilities at five locations in the country.  
The Gallery
With so many diamond jewelry brands in the market, the customers are assured to find a wide variety to choose from. This implies that all the young and pretty lasses, ready to be wooed by their Prince Charming, can accessories their cherished dream with diamond jewelry items in gold and platinum. The sparkle of those studded ear rings, necklaces, bangles, rings and pendants will make you the perfect bride you always wanted to be. However, just in case you are the bridesmaid, you can choose from a lot more offered, apart from the bridal collections.

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