Nakshatra Diamonds, one of the brands owned by the Gitanjali Group, enjoys great patronage by the customers in the Indian diamond jewelry market.

Nakshatra Diamonds

“A diamond is a woman’s best friend!” I think every female in the world agrees to this statement. Infact, no piece of jewellery adorns as well as complements the beauty of a woman as elegantly as the diamond jewellery. Since the past few years, the sale of diamond jewelry has been increasing at a killing speed. Taking this fact into view, Gitanjali Group launched its two diamond jewelry brands, DeBeers and Nakshatra. Presently, these two diamond jewelry brands are counted amongst the most reliable brands in India.
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Nakshatra Diamonds were launched in the year 2000 and since that time, the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai has been its brand ambassador. Quite befitting that one of the most beautiful women in this world promotes one of the most exquisite diamond jewelry brands. Today, the brand has become one of the leading fashion diamond jewelry brands in India, which is patronized by the women belonging to almost all the segments of the society. The reason for this is their amazing designs, combined with the reasonable price range.
The diamond jewelry sold by the brand has been priced from Rs 15,000 upwards and even their starting range designs are simply awesome. Amongst the most popular designs of Nakshatra diamonds is the traditional one, in the form of a flower. For the dusky beauties of India, Nakshatra diamonds signify passion, attitude and independence. The combination of traditional charisma and contemporary style, that the diamond jewellery by Nakshatra offers, makes it simply irresistible to women.

 The stunningly beautiful and sparkling clear diamond jewelry has never failed to impress any women till date. The slogan that says Nakshatra diamonds are the 'Brightest Circles of Light' could not have been more perfect. The shine and brilliance of Nakshatra diamond jewelry is enough to make it one of the best gifts a man can take for his wife or girlfriend. The certificate of authenticity and a special hologram that come with it will remove all the doubt you had about their quality. So, go ahead and gift Nakshatra diamond jewelry to the most special women in your life.

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