Are you keen on trying out different types of Indian hairstyles? Read about the different hair styles in India.

Different Hairstyles In India

One of the most palpable features of a person’s personality is the hairstyle. In fact, it is so significant, that people recognize you by your hairstyle. The moment you get a hair cut or color it or even simply tie it up in a different way, it attracts a lot of attention. Most hairstyles have a global recognition, while some are significant only in a particular place. In India, the youth have absolutely no qualms about experimenting with their looks. Most of them change their hair style in accordance to what is in, while some tend to stick to the traditional styles.
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The foremost thing to be kept in mind while deciding the right hairstyle for you is the shape of your face. Your face may be round, oval, square, oblong, heart or diamond shaped. The oval face is said to be the perfect one as it can carry off any hairstyle with the right elegance. In case of other shapes, it is best to consult your hair stylist or check out in the regular salon you go to. They may be able to tell you which hair style would suit you the best. Read about some popular types of Indian hairstyles.
Indian Buns
Buns have always remained a popular choice among Indian women. Usually, buns are possible in medium to long hair. Hair that reaches just below the shoulders can also be tied up in a bun, though it may not really look like a traditional one. Indian bun is a hairstyle that can be worn on many occasions. Be it a formal office meeting, wedding, party or simply going to someone’s place, a bun is the kind of hairstyle that makes sure that hair is in one place and does not become messy. There are many styles that can be incorporated in a bun. It can be tied high or low, depending on the occasion and can also be decorated with accessories like pins, clips, jewelry, flowers, etc. as per the event you are going to.
Indian Braids
Tying a braid is the best way to keep the hair from getting tangled and dirty. In India, even school-going girls who have hair length that reaches below shoulders are required to tie up their hair neatly in a braid. A braid can also be tied in many different styles. In earlier times, two braids used to signify that a girl is unmarried while a single braid used to be worn by a married woman. Girls with medium to long hair braid their hair and can accessorize it with colorful rubber bands, ribbons and clips.
Inspired by Celebrities
The present generation is much inspired by celebrities and tends to copy the hairstyle made popular by them on-screen. Be it boys or girls, the hottest hairstyle is the one that their favorite star carries. Almost all boys opted for long hair when the famous John Abraham was rising to popularity. The moment he chopped off his locks, so did his loyal fans! The spiked hair style made famous by Aamir Khan went down well with all urban dudes, while some even went to the extent of getting crew cuts, as donned by Akshaye Khanna. The short blunt hairstyle donned by the famous actress Kajol became a rage among girls while some others preferred the crimped hair style of Preity Zinta.

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