Diamonds come in many unique shapes and sizes and still mesmerize with their brilliance. Check out some unusual diamond shapes.

Unique Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are not just girls’ but almost everybody’s best friend! Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, diamonds never fail to charm people with their sheer brilliance. They are the most preferred gemstones when it comes to jewelry. Diamonds can be assembled in clusters in jewelry or can be used as a single solitaire as well. The way a diamond is cut does not affect its brilliance in any way. In fact, certain cuts and shapes enhance the shine and brilliance of this beautiful gemstone. Check out some unique and unusual diamond shapes.
Unusual Diamond Shapes
Round Shape
The most preferred shape, round shape is the ideal diamond cut that has been in use since centuries. However, in the round shape also there are certain cuts and angles, which when followed can give extra brilliance to the diamond. The contemporary “ideal” cut round diamond is the only shape that has the perfect proportion defined. This unique shape can be used with almost any design - classic solitaires to the most ultra-modern designs.
Princess Shape
Known to be the most popular non-round design, the Princess cut is the classic shape in all modern designs. The clean square lines and cut give it a lovely sparkle. The Princess shape gives you the freshness of the square shape with the brilliance of the round shape. The Princess cut is predominantly square shaped but you can go in for a slightly rectangular shape as well. It looks best when surrounded by small diamonds on jewelry.
Asscher Shape
A variation of the classic emerald cut, the Asscher cut was developed in Holland by the Asscher brothers. The cut has been made popular by the various who seem to sport this design of late. The unusual element in this shape is the fact that all the facets of the diamond point down on the bottom like a “scissor cut”. The unique blocked corners make this diamond shape look octagonal. When the corners are exposed brilliantly, it adds to the charm and elegance of this diamond.
Marquise Shape
One of the royal looking shapes, the Marquise shape is basically a diamond that is cut and shaped in way that the ends taper at sharp points. The long diamond, when worn as a ring on a finger, makes it appear beautifully longer and thinner. The proportion for this cut that is followed is such that the length is twice the width of the stone.
Emerald Shape
One of the most classic designs, the emerald cut is basically the one in which the diamond is cut in a rectangular shape with soft rounded corner. The clean lines that are visible are due to the step-cutting or parallel line facets. The proportion that is followed for this unique shape is that the length of the diamond is 1.5 times more than the width.
Cushion Shape
The cushion diamond shape is pretty unusual and provides an alternative choice to oval or princess cut diamonds. This shape has a unique combination of round and square outline with very soft edges, making it look like a cushion. It is a rare shape and not many people posses it. The Cushion shape looks gorgeous when worn as a single solitaire.
Pear Shape
Regarded as a beautiful feminine shape, the Pear shape diamond is cut in a way that one side is rounded and the other end tapers to a sharp point. It looks almost like a tear drop. It is the most popular design for beautiful finger rings or drop earrings. The pear shaped diamond shines brilliance only when the cut is in perfect symmetry. This ensure that the light reflected is perfect, more so towards the pointed edge.
Heart Shape
One of the most romantic diamond shapes is the Heart shape. Similar to the Pear shape, it is cut in a way that the soft rounded edge has a cleft in between. The edges should not be pointed but softly rounded. Since the shape is very complex, a lot of skill and precision is required so that the brilliance is not marred. They should be worn as a single solitaire on a finger ring with specific prongs in order to support the diamond.
Trillion Shape

One of the boldest and the most dramatic shapes, the Trillion shape diamond was developed in the 70’s. This kind of shape is used for small diamonds that are used to surround a larger gemstone. So, it is rare to find this shape in larger diamonds. It is shaped like a triangle with a pointed bottom that descends sharply. This kind of diamond is usually seen in necklaces or earrings and adds brilliance to the jewelry it is mounted on.

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