Spring season comes with colors and fragrance, but it also calls for special care of skin. In this article, check out some natural beauty tips for spring 2008.

Spring Beauty Tips

When you frequently spot bees on flowers, tadpoles rearing into frogs, hummingbirds in their own world, it comes to the mind that spring season has arrived. Spring season idealizes not only romance but also cheerful spirits. But like every other season, in spring too, the weather changes require extra care of skin. As temperature rises, your skin and hair gets greasy and sticky. At such point of time, you’re required to change your beauty routine, including skin care, hair care and make-up, to look fabulous like you always do. In this article we have given some natural beauty tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing notwithstanding the influence of spring season.
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Change Skin Care Routine
Spring season suggests more humidity, so now your skin doesn’t require as much moisturizer as it needs in winters. Go for some light moisturizer to keep your pores clear. It lessens the chances of getting blemishes. Keep your feet in good shape by exfoliating them to avoid problems, like dry skin and calluses.
Drink More Water
Drinking lots of water is the key to beautiful skin. Our body needs more water in spring season to remain hydrated. Wherever you go, carry a water bottle along. Since you start sweating in this season, there is a possibility of dehydration. Water is the best way to restore your fluids.  
Avoid Exposure to the Sun
Whenever you’re out of your house, apply sunscreen liberally over the exposed body areas. The harmful UV rays are effective throughout the daytime. Use a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15. Apply over lips, neck and arms too. Tanning is not healthy in any case; if you’re keen to have, then use artificial tan.
Exercise in Cooler Temperatures
If you have to go for a walk, jog or on your regular workout regimen, prefer doing exercises in the morning because temperature is usually low at that time. Otherwise, work-out inside your home where temperature is under control. Always use your own towel to keep skin clean and dry.
Use Insect Repellant
At times, it is not a pimple but an insect bite that spoils your face. During spring season, mosquitoes thrive and applying insect repellent is the only way to steer clear of unwanted marks.

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