Want to give yourself or your friend a facial? Read on to know how to do a female facial.

How To Do A Female Facial

Face is often considered as a mirror to a person’s inner state of either good or ill health. It reveals all – from what you have been binging on to who just paid you a compliment! Thus, taking care of it and having healthy glowing skin is imperative and facials are one significant way of achieving the mother-of-all-glows. With time becoming a luxury in itself, and salon treatments becoming more and more expensive, the need for being able to give oneself a facial at home, without any professional help, was never felt more than now. Women nowadays find it extremely convenient, not to mention economical, to give themselves a facial at home, and are even ready to invest in those ready to use packs available in the market. It is accepted, however, that different types of skin require different types of facial treatments and thus, different medium to achieve it too. Here are some tips to remember while giving oneself a facial at home and also some types of facial treatments that not only rid the dirt, grime and other problems of the skin, but also give it the youthful luster we all wish to have. Explore the following tips for doing female facials at home.
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Tips For Doing Female Facial At Home 

Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse!
That’s right! The importance of the word could never be over-emphasized. Simply washing one’s face, preferably with warm water, can make all the difference. Those with normal to oily skin should use a gentle foaming cleanser that will clean out the dirt, germs and make-up from the pores. Dry skin would need a crème cleanser or one whose base ingredient is milk products, for example, yogurt. It should be kept in mind that using either steaming hot or freezing cold water could damage the skin by playing havoc with its moisture levels. The use of lukewarm water, preferably at body temperature, is thus advised. 

Scrub The Dirt Away 
Exfoliation, through scrubbing, is a way of getting rid of layers of dead skin that prevent the skin from breathing, thus making it susceptible to more problems like acne breakouts. It is best to use scrubs made of little beads as they have proved to be the safest. In case of scrubs containing crushed seeds, one must scrub gently to avoid scratching the face. In fact, scrubbing too hard will only result in a bruised face, rather than make it cleaner! It is best to scrub gently in a circular motion, avoiding the skin around the eyes, as it is very thin and sensitive. 
Hot Towel And Steam
This step can be carried out in two ways. One is to dip a washcloth or soft towel in warm water and press it over the face, before rinsing away the scrub with lots of water. The other way is to fill the sink with enough warm water, dip one’s face into the water and cover with the washcloth or soft towel, so as to engulf the whole face with both water and steam, before a final rinse. 

After ridding the face of dead skin, dirt and make-up, the fresh new skin is revealed. It is on this skin that the face pack is supposed to be applied – be it the ready-to-use packs available in the market or those made in mummy’s kitchen. Yogurt, papaya, fuller’s earth (multani mitti), rose water and gram flour (besan) are commonly used household ingredients. An oily skin is best if treated with a mud or clay pack, while dry skin would require a crème based mask to retain the moisture. These masks are to be applied and left on for 15-20 minutes, or as per the instructions on the cover, before rinsing them with a warm washcloth. 

Lock In The Moisture 
The final step in getting that ‘to-die-for’ glow is to apply a soothing moisturizer or hydrating cream, as per one’s skin type. Be sure to avoid all anti-aging products on this freshly revealed skin as it might be too sensitive to such strong products.
Additional Tips 
  • Depending on the amount of time available, spend some time massaging the facial muscles with the scrub.
  • During steaming, add a few drops of essential aroma oils – some calming scents like eucalyptus, rose, or lavender – to the sink containing warm water.
  • Since Ultraviolet rays of the sun take away most of the glow from the skin, making it dull and lifeless, it is best to use sunscreen lotions during the daytime, especially immediately after a facial. This will prevent the newly cleaned skin from developing problems.

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