Facial exercises help in safely getting rid of all the excessive fat accumulated on guys’ faces. Explore this article to know the different facial workouts for men.

Facial Exercises For Men

Excessive fat deposition in areas like cheeks and chin make them appear puffy. The excessive fat makes a face look older and bloated and rob all the youthfulness, good looks and natural beauty. Other causes that can damage your skin are air conditioning, swimming, wind, pollution and office environment. Guys with a double chin or puffed cheeks often think of botox or facelifts or other anti aging skin care products as a solution. One of the easiest and natural ways to restore your original face is by exercising your facial muscles. A few effective facial exercises are sufficient to uplift your face and bring back your beauty. Read through the following lines to know the different facial workouts for uplifting men’s faces.
Different Facial Workouts For Guys 
  • To exercise your jaw muscles and cheeks to a certain extent, chew a wad of gum on a regular basis. This works wonders as you can do this exercise at any time of the day. All you need to do is pop a piece of gum into your mouth and chew that excess fat away be it while working in the office or lazing on the couch in front of the television.
  • Sit with your back upright and look straight. Drop you jaw and stretch it downwards to the point where you cannot take it down anymore. Hold it for half a second and bring it back to the resting position. Repeat 20 times. Tilt your head upwards to focus on the ceiling till you feel a stretch along your neck muscles. Do the jaw dropping exercises for another 15 times while maintaining this position.
  • This exercise not only exercises your facial muscles, but also inculcates a good habit of smiling. Sit with your back upright and look straight. Face a mirror, clench your teeth and smile the widest smile. Stretch your cheek muscles away from each other and smile. Do it in 2 sets of 10 repetitions. Now, tilt your head upwards at the ceiling and repeat with another set.
  • This exercise helps your cheeks and lips. Sit upright looking straight, close your mouth and clench your teeth. Fill your mouth with this much air to feel your cheeks getting stretched. Alternate air from one cheek to another and repeat 20 times.
  • Another alternate to the above exercise is by closing your mouth, clenching your teeth and filling it with air. Move the volume of air in your mouth is this sequence: left cheek, upper lip, right cheek, lower lip. Repeat 20 times and relax. Do another set.
  • Another quite simple exercise is close your mouth, pucker your lips and suck your left cheek in. Hold the cheek at the innermost point for half a second and release. Repeat 20 times. Now, perform the same technique for your right cheek 20 times. Lastly, do the exercise for both the cheeks simultaneously (20 times).

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