Wearing makeup is the best way for making a long nose look smaller. With the tips given in the article, you will know how to make your nose look smaller.

How To Make Your Nose Look Smaller

Are you uncomfortable with your long nose? Do you want to make it look smaller? Altering the shape and size of your nose is possible by plastic surgery. Since this method is a bit pricey, making the nose appear smaller by distracting the attention is suggested. In order to deviate others from noticing your long nose, apply make up. If you wonder how to go about choosing the appropriate makeup to make your nose look smaller, this article is just for you. Read the tips given in the following lines.
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Tips For Making Nose Look Smaller 
  • If you want to make your long nose look smaller, apply foundation, a shade darker than your skin tone, on both sides of your nose. In case you have a wide nose, apply the same foundation underneath the nose where the nostrils meet. This will make the nose look smaller.
  • Wear eye makeup. Line your upper eye with an eye-liner and then apply a suitable mascara. By doing this, others will pay attention to your eyes instead of your nose.
  • Highlight your lips with a shimmering gloss. You may choose a lip color that makes you look attractive.
  • Highlight your cheek bones with a blush. Pink will be suitable for light skin, whereas shades of berry will look nice on darker complexion.
  • Take care of your hairstyle as well. Avoid slicking your hair back, in an attempt to make your nose look smaller. Instead, part your hair on the side and make it an attractive hairstyle, so that others are deviated from your nose. Do not cover your face with hair. Instead, tie it up so that you provide more facial area.
  • A small exercise for your nose can also bring about a significant change to its size. Hold the top of your nose with your thumb and index finger. Now, slide your fingers slowly to the sides of your nose. Do this for three minutes, daily in the morning, to improve the appearance of your nose.

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