The trendy short and sassy hairdos are easy to maintain and re-create. Explore the latest short sassy haircut styles in this article.

Short And Sassy Hairdos

Short and sassy hairdos have been in trend since quiet a long time. Not only are they easy to maintain and re-create, but also give a contemporary look to your beautiful face. You may either go for the latest, trendy hairstyle or just revamp a traditional haircut, to make your own style statement. For instance, apart from the variants of bob, people are also opting for layers, ranging from the moderate to the heavily layered styles. If you want to flaunt a sassy hairstyle as well, make sure to keep your facial shape and the type of your hair in mind. Check out the latest trends in short and sassy hairdos, in the following lines.
Short Sassy Haircut Styles
Concave Bob
The concave bob is a trendy hairstyle, which is perfect for those having a long face and straight hair. The long side-swept bangs provide a soft texture to the hair. Short layers are cut around the top of the crown, to provide the maximum height. The side locks, cut long to the front, give the concave shape around the neck. The hair at the back is layered.
Layered Bob
The revamped version of traditional bob is in vogue today. In the layered bob style, the hair is layered around the top. Plenty of layers virtually increase the height of the crown. Best suited for long faces, this hairstyle adds to the width around the side. The side locks are trimmed up to the cheekbones.
Razored Bangs
Get ready to flaunt your beautiful locks with razored bangs haircut! In this, the hair is layered at the top, while bangs are razored. This creates the desired textured look. To give a final touch to the sassy haircut, the side locks are trimmed up to the cheekbones and the hair at the back is angle-layered and shaped around the nape.
Taper Cut
The traditional taper cut, with lots of layers around the top of the head, will give a contemporary look to any woman flaunting this sassy hairstyle. Adding to the textured look are the razored bangs. This cut is best suited for fine hair. To add volume to the hair, the side locks can be trimmed to the ears. Hair at the back is tapered up to the neckline.
The Funky Front Fringes
Easy to re-create, the funky front fringes make up a sassy hairdo. The hair is stylized by layering it at the top, around the crown. The bangs are given a solid cut and left thick on the forehead. The side locks are cut around the ears, to give a soft look. The hair at the back is neatly tapered around the neckline.
The Jagged Cut
In the jagged cut, the hair is layered heavily at the top. This provides textured edges to the hair, making it look sassy. The side-swept bangs are given a jagged cut. At the back, the hair is given a razor cut.

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