Most women are reluctant to take the plunge and chop off their long luxurious tresses. But did you know that short hair can look equally chic and sophisticated? Learn on some easy short hairstyles.

Easy Short Hairstyles

Short hairdos are in vogue this summer. With a number of celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes sporting short yet chic hairstyles, you can be sure that looking elegant and glamorous doesn’t require lengthy locks. A hairstyle can make or break your entire look. Short hair is easy to style and maintain. Plus, you don’t have to spend exorbitant amount of money on a variety of hair products Moreover, at times of rush, you would bless yourself for the short length as short hair hardly takes any time to style. However, trimming is quintessential for short hair to keep them looking stylish and bouncy forever. The best aspect about short hair is that you can stick with the tried and tested styles, yet look chic. In the following lines, we have provided a number of classy and modish hairdos for short hair. Browse through each of the easy hairstyles and find the perfect style for yourself.
Easy Short Hairdos
Formal Short Straight
Ideally, a formal hairstyle should look structured and tidy, yet be easy to create.This hairstyle is tapered into the neck with layers, leading from the sides to the top and is best suited for women with a long face shape and square jaw line. A little amount of smoothing shine is required to the top section for shine and hold. The styling time may range from 15 to 20 minutes. This hairstyle requires frequent trims to keep it in shape.
Classic Bob
The hairstyle has a never ending vintage appeal. The ends are cut bluntly and flounced at the jawbone. For a trendy look, you can wear the bob with straight bangs cut just above your eyebrow. A classic bob looks best with straight hair. So, in case you have curly hair, use a flat iron and smoothening cream to achieve the right look.
Graduated Bob
Though you might think this hairstyle to be a variant of the classic bob, you would be surprised to know that a graduated bob looks very different from a classic bob. While the layers add volume to the overall look, tapered ends make the hair look softer and shiner. Moreover, the hairdo is easy to maintain and requires no styling aids. In short, this style can be very chic and face flattering.
Short Choppy Style
Choppy hairstyle has been associated with the punk and grunge society since a long time. A choppy hairstyle looks edgy and adds spunk to your personality. This hairstyle complements almost every face shape. You can try a short chop to look sophisticated or you can try choppy messy hair for a youthful look. Whatever it is, do not forget to carry dollops of attitude with you, when you set on the road with this fanciful hairstyle.
Shag Look
Shag hairstyle looks flirty and carefree and is known for its messy-on-purpose look. This hairstyle doesn’t require frequent trims, since it is intentionally erratic. Hence, the ragged ends do not pose much of a problem. Shag hairstyle is easy to manage and in most cases doesn’t even require blow drying. You can let your hair dry naturally and it would still look good. However, a little bit of volumizer and spray is advisable for control.
Pixie Haircut
Pixie haircut adds softness to your face and helps define your facial features. This style is an easy way to make a bold statement. Pixie haircuts are styled short and close to your face and can be tailored to match your personality. A pixie haircut is easy to style. A few minutes in front of the mirror will leave you looking like you just stepped out of a salon.
Pageboy Hairstyle
Pageboy hairstyle was very popular in the 1950s and is making a comeback in this era. In this style, the hair is cut just below the ear, where it curls under or outwards, in case of reverse pageboy. This style is often combined with bangs cut right above the eyebrow. An anti-frizz gel should be used with this hairstyle to keep the hair looking smooth and glossy.

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