Short trendy hairstyles for men always remain in vogue. In this article, we have given some of the trendy short haircut styles for a man, which are sure to make heads turn.

Short Trendy Hairstyles For Men

No matter what styles come and go, in this fashion world, short hairstyles for men will always have a very special place. This is probably due to the versatility of short hairstyles, which appeals every one. Apart from being versatile, the short haircuts are easy to manage as well as provide a great look. Whether it is the simple crew cut or the very sassy spikes, short hairstyles would surely grab the passing glances! If you want to appear different from the crowd, then it is suggested to go for the short trendy hairstyles for men that are given below.
Short Haircut Styles For A Man
Classic Cut
The classic cut is a hot favorite of men, since ages. Always in trend, the haircut is versatile because of its length and shape. It is best suitable for the executives, to sport at their workplace, because it exudes an air of sophistication. Best suitable for formal parties as well. The classic James Bond haircut would be the best bet for men in their late 40s or 50s, because it provides a youthful and energetic look without losing a hint of maturity. To stylize the hair, all you need is a medium thick hair gel and narrow toothed comb. Part the hair sideways, to complete the look.
Spiky Cut
The highly informal spiky haircut provides a cool look and is especially suitable for the collegiate lot of men. This hairstyle can be easily achieved by making use of a styling gel. Apply the styling gel on wet hair that is already shampooed and conditioned. Now, make small sections of your hair using your fingers. Spread the gel using your fingers and spread it evenly, throughout the sections of hair. Thereafter, give your hair a little bounce by twisting the locks. Once done, dry your hair using a hair dryer. You are done with your highly energetic hairstyle!
Jazzy Hairstyle
If you want to jazz up your look from the typical executive style to the cool dude, then go for the jazzy hairstyle. The jazzy hairstyle is something that could catch instant attention, when your are at informal venues and occasions like a discothèque or your friend's bachelor party. Add some texture to your complete look by using the razor technique for your haircut. Provide varied edges to your hair, to perk up the look. The highly fashionable short hairstyle is best suitable for young men. The middle aged men can also try out the jazzy cut, provided they manage to carry it well.
Crew Cut
Crew cut gives a man the needed sophistication. Initially, this hairstyle was restricted to men, who belonged to the armed forces. However, the trend is now seen in executives as well, who adopt this hairstyle, especially in hot summers, because it is very easy to manage. A number of variations of the classic crew cut have cut. Also known 'buzz cut', crew cut is a very versatile short hairstyle for men. To stylize your hair, shampoo and condition your hair, towel-dry it and then apply a very little amount of hair gel. Simply comb the hair and then get ready to flaunt your hairstyle!
Wavy Hairstyle
If you want to flaunt a flirtatious look, then go for the very peppy wavy hairstyle, which is a hit among the college campuses. To achieve the trendy hairstyle, you need to grow your hair a slightly longer length on the front side, than the rear portion. Achieve a razor cut thereafter. To stylize your hair, dampen your shampooed and conditioned hair slightly, with water. Now, apply a small quantity of hair gel. Using the tip of your fingers, rub the gel from the scalp towards the locks. Use a round brush to comb your hair, and then blow-dry your hair. This will give a bounce to the front portion of your hair.

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