Men's trendy hairstyles can range from the short, classy ones to the long, shoulder length tresses. Check out some trendy haircut styles for guys.

Men's Trendy Hairstyles

Hairstyle is one of the most important considerations for men, as it adds to their overall personality. The right hairstyle can help a man look neat and sophisticated. Most of the men opt for hairstyles that would make them look stylish, yet demand easy aftercare. With time, trendy hairstyles of the yester years are coming back to fashion and the same holds true in case of men's haircut styles too. They are cycling back and have become a rage in the recent times. Go through the following lines and know about trendy haircuts for guys.
Men's Trendy Hairstyles
Buzz Cut
Buzzed hairstyle is amongst the fashionable and trendy styles which men can opt for. Buzzed hairstyles marked high point in 1970s, with most of the stars getting the look. While such styling lost its charm sometime back, it is coming back to the limelight once again. One can find athletes, soldiers, monks and industrial workers flaunting the Buzz cut. Buzzed hairstyles of today are same as those of the yester years i.e. short hairs all over.
Faux Hawk
Faux Hawk is the modern version of the classic Mohawk hairstyle. Traditionally, Mohawk style comprised of shaved or buzzed hair in the sides and long hair in the middle. The fashionable version of Mohawk, Faux Hawk hairstyle, has a small spike in the centre, accomplished without buzzing or shaving either side of the head. Faux Hawk style has recently been sported by loads of actors. The hairstyle is trendy and gives guys the so-called 'chic' look.
Crew Cut
Crew cut is the most popular hairstyle adopted by men in the recent times. This hairstyle is closely trimmed around the sides and back, with slightly more hair on top. Crew cut and its various variations have been on the hit list since ages. After being adopted by military, it became one of the most fashionable hairstyles among civilians too, especially college goers. The stylish version of the crew cut is either extra short at the top or long enough to mess it up a little.
Classic Hairstyle
The name reflects the cut - the eternal classic look, also called the layered look. If you do not want to experiment with your hair style, blindly follow the classic style. In this case, hair is cut to middle length, being slightly longer in the centre and shorter around the edges, with fronts swept to the side. The classic hair style is further made trendy these days by using lots of texturizing. You can apply pomade all over dry hair and finger it into place
Long Hair

Long hairstyles have jumped back to the fashion scene with a bang. They were a rage in the 70s and 80s, but disappeared from the scene in the 90s. In early 2000s, they emerged again, with lots of models sporting them on the ramp. The long hairstyles of today are a bit different from what they were earlier, mainly being more textured. You may sport a disheveled look or go for the finely controlled version, depending upon the texture of your hair. You can also add bangs, which are typically worn flat or pushed to the side.

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