There is a wide variety of sexy and hot bikinis available in the market. Find out more about beach bikini.

Sexy Bikinis

Also known as two-piece, a bikini is a type of women's swimsuit, which comprises of two parts. The upper fabric covers the breasts while the lower fabric covers the groin. It is usually worn in summers or while swimming on the beach. Both the fabrics closely resemble women's undergarments. For this reason, the lower part of the fabric can range from thong to g - string or from briefs to square cut shorts. The erotic and hot swimwear was named after the Bikini Atoll. It was the site of a nuclear weapon test called 'Operations Crossroads'.
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Its name created a wave of excitement like a nuclear device and it shot to fame instantly. It has now become one of the most preferred and popular beachwear for women. The modern bikini was introduced by French engineer Louis Reard and fashion designer Jacques Heim in Paris in 1946. The bikini even created much hoopla in 1962, when Bond Girl, Ursula Andress emerged from the sea wearing a white bikini in the film Dr. No. The popularity of the scene can be attributed from the fact that it has been rated as one of the most memorable bikini scenes in film history.
With time, a number of variants have also been launched in the market. The popular variants of bikini are as follows.
String Bikini 
A string bikini is a scantier swimsuit than the regular bikini. This revealing swimwear gets its name from its string design. A string bikini consists of two triangular shaped pieces connected at the groin, but not at the sides. The two parts are connected with a thin 'string', which wraps around the waist. String bikini can be either continuous or tied at the sides.
Also known as unikini, a monokini is a single beach garment for women. It is equivalent to the lower half of a bikini. It is basically a one-piece swimsuit derived from bikini. After the sexual revolution in 1960s, the term monokini often indicates a topless swimsuit, wherein preferably a bikini bottom is worn, without a top. This has even promoted topless bathing amongst women.
It is a highly skimpy bikini. It just consists of enough material to cover the genitals. An additional strap is just to keep the garment hooked to the wearer's body. In many other variations, even side straps are missing. It just requires adhesive or thin wire to keep it to the body.
Tankini combines both a tank top and a bikini bottom. It is distinguished from the classic bikini, with the difference in tops. The tankini top is essentially a tank top, which extends downward to somewhere between just above the navel and the top of the hips. The word is a neologism, combining the word, tank with the end of the word, bikini.
Sling Bikini
Also known as a 'suspender bikini', 'suspender thong', 'slingshot bikini' or just 'slingshot', a sling bikini is a one-piece swimsuit, which provides little or much less coverage as compared to a bikini. It resembles a bikini bottom, with the side straps extending upwards to cover the breasts. It runs over the shoulders, leaving the entire sides of the torso uncovered. The straps join behind the neck, and extend down the back to become a thong.

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