The guys of today are conscious about their looks, which include haircut styles. In this article, we have provided information on sexy hairstyles for men.

Sexy Hairstyle For Men

Gone are the days when women were the only ones who were conscious about their appearance. Now is the world of 21st century, which is full of metrosexual men and women. The men of this century are as particular as women, when it comes to their looks and style, and do not want to leave any opportunity of grooming themselves. From clothes to hairstyles, each facet is dealt with care. The tag of having sexy hairstyles is no longer monopolized by women, as men now have an equal share of it. In case you want to know more about sexy haircut styles for guys, read on.
Sexy Haircuts For Guys
Crew Cut
The short crew cut has always remained in vogue and will continue to be so in the future as well. This haircut is very suitable for those men who have oval facial shapes, with a normal head size. This cut may not be a sexy choice for those with bigger head shapes, big ears and other disproportionate features, as short hair will bring more notice to the features. Men with strong jaw line will look more appealing with this cut.
Short, Tousled Hair
Different variations can be used with this very sexy looking hairstyle. It is perfect for those men who want a stronger and rawer look. The hairstyle has gained immense popularity, as it is also easy to manage, once the hair is set. The hair is tousled and arranged to give definition to sections. Using a strong gel will make it easier for the hair to remain in place and not go haywire. Tousled, messy look can also be tried.
Long hairstyle
Though long hairstyles are not believed to be the best styling choice for a lot of men, they look ultra-sexy on those who can carry them well. It is pretty common to see many celebrities sporting the long hair look. Owen Wilson, the Hollywood actor, sports long locks, which are considered to be super hot by many. This hairstyle is neatly defined with slightly wavy sides and ends.
Some More Sexy Hairstyles for Men 
  • Short fringes work very well for men who have a full, round faces. Such a fringe can lengthen the appearance of the face and give a guy a sexy look altogether.
  • While most of the men eye for a clear-cut look, there are a few who look sexy in the messy look and can carry it off with élan as well. If you want to have a messy look for yourself, get a cut that adds layers and texture.
  • Surfer haircuts are ideal for the carefree guys, who want to spend more time on the beach, rather than in front of the mirror. They are easy to style and full of sex appeal.
  • Long choppy hairstyles are relatively easy to create and maintain. If you have thick or coarse hair and are in search of a style that will be compatible with the overall volume and length of your hair, the choppy hairstyle may just be the one for you.
  • Short spiked hair cuts are a great way to look hot and happening. Such haircuts work for males of all ages and are a great way to flaunt your sex appeal.

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