Teenage guys hair styles make you look completely hip and happening. For more on teenage boys haircut styles, read on.

Teenage Guys Hair Styles

Teenage guys are always in search of new and innovative ways of looking cool and funky. Along with clothes and accessories, hairstyle plays a vital role in deciding the look of a person. A trendy haircut can easily spruce up the personality of a person. Whether it is a long haircut or a short haircut, boys like a style that is easy to maintain and keep, yet looks stylish. However, it should be kept in mind that rather than being a fashion freak, one should choose the hairstyle that suits one’s persona. For some trendy haircut styles for teenage boys, read on.
Teenage Guys Hair Styles
Layered Hairstyle
A layered hairstyle is a nice option for those who wish to look cool. A short layered haircut with a fringe is ideal for any occasion. Short layered hairstyles are composed of various looks, such as shorter at the back and slightly longer in the front, along with many layers. Remember, if you have thick and curly hair, your layers should be shorter, allowing you to manage them efficiently.
Short Spiky Hair
Short spikyhairstyle is quite common amongst teenage boys. It best suits hair that is either poker straight or loosely wavy. This hairstyle goes well with all face shapes and does not require much attention. You can style your hair with the help of some mousse in damp hair. All you require is a little alteration here and there and you can be ready for a class as well as a party.
Crew Cut Style
Crew cut is a preferred choice for those who are sporty in nature. It gives a macho and carefree look to the wearer. This one is absolutely a zero maintenance hair cut, which gives you extreme amount of freedom. So, if you are one of those wild natured ones, this haircut is just for you.
Razor Cut
Razor cut is best suited for those who want a hip hairstyle, without putting in much effort. It works best with thick hair and gives the wearer a funky, wispy, razored look. You can easily style this haircut by applying hair mousse. Tousle and texture your hair ends and get ready for the kill!

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