Pimples are the least you expect, when you are all set to move out. Check out how to cover up a zit by using best makeup tips.

How To Cover Up A Pimple

Pimples are very common among boys and girls. Most of us are reluctant to go out for a party or for a hangout, when we have a large shinny red pimple flaunting on our face. It is very exciting to go with friends, but a small pimple is enough to make it a dreaded affair. Pimples popping up are the most important concerns for anyone who is moving out and are enough to play the spoilsport. However, worry not if a zit has popped out just on the day, when you have planned something very important. Just use adequate make up and move on. Check out best makeup tips on how to cover up a pimple.
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Best Makeup Tips To Cover Up A Pimple 
  • First, dip a clean cotton ball in a mild cleanser and use it to wipe your face all over. Now, apply an oil-free lotion or moisturizer, so that the flakes are smoothened out.
  • The next step would be to pick a concealer, foundation or some powder that matches your skin tone perfectly.
  • Apply foundation with your finger tips. Dab the area infected with a pimple, but do not strike it. Just dab to make it blend well with your face. Use the foundation on your neck as well, to give the similar skin color throughout.
  • Dab concealer on your pimple as well as on its sides.
  • The next step is to apply a little bit of loose powder over the pimple. Make sure you also apply the powder over your face, to give it a balanced look.
  • Take care that you do not end up highlighting your pimple, instead of hiding it. Do not apply too much of make up over your pimple. Just adhere to the norms given and you are perfectly ready to move out, despite having a pimple on your face! 
How To Prevent Pimples
Rather than covering up a pimple, it is better to avoid having it altogether. In this context, the following tips will come handy. 
  • For a face that is free of pimples, drinking lot of water is one of the first and foremost remedies.
  • To keep the pesky pimples at bay, reduce your consumption of oily foods, because oil triggers the production of acne.
  • In case you have oily skin, you would have to take extreme care of your skin, because the accumulation of sebum (oil) on the pores makes them clogged, which in turn gives way for the dead cells to accumulate over the clogged pores and cause pimples.
  • Using herbal face masks is a nice way to prevent pimples. Make a paste of fuller’s earth powder in water and apply it on your face. When the mask dries completely, wash your face with normal water first, and then rinse with cold water. This would clean the clogged pores and reduce pimples.
  • A balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, would prevent the occurrence of pimples on your face.
  • Do not apply make up that has heavy fatty content. If your face is highly prone to pimples, avoid water-resistant make up as well.

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