Beauty marks, unless strategically placed on the face, can make you look ugly, especially if they are too many in number. Here’s how to cover beauty marks.

How To Cover Beauty Marks

For many of us, the ultimate icon of sex appeal is Marilyn Monroe – she was the one who wore her attitude on her sleeve and gave a new definition to the word seductive. However, she also started a new revolution when it came to beauty and appearance. All young girls and women of her generation wanted to have a mole just like her to look sexy. The phenomenon of moles being considered beautiful, to the extent of being given the status of beauty spots or marks, is very old. Many women have tried to create false moles with an eyeliner pencil or tried to turn strategically placed pimples into beauty marks. In fact, in India, women apply a kohl dot on their children’s cheek to protect them from someone’s evil eye – probably the tradition of wearing a black bindi came from that feeling too. However, what if a beauty mark, instead of adding to a person’s beauty and drawing attention to the features, makes the face look unattractive? This is the time when people try to cover it up or conceal it. Here’s how and when to conceal a beauty mark.
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Tips To Cover Beauty Marks
Some moles actually add to your beauty – if they are placed on you cheek, near your eyes, on your chin or near the lip. They need not be removed. Also, the moles have to be subdermal and do not protrude out of the skin for them to be considered glamourous. All other beauty marks, especially if they are too many in number will not add to your beauty. Thus, if you have any such beauty mark or mole that looks unattractive, you could conceal it.
Some questions should be considered before concealing or covering a mole or beauty mark. Is your mole placed anywhere other than near the lip, the cheek, the eyes or the chin? Is it too big in size? Does it draw attention away from your other features? Are there too many of them? If the answers to all these questions are yes, your mole or beauty mark comes in the ‘cover-up’ category. Your friends in this case are a good foundation or concealer.
Danger Alert!
Though most moles are harmless, some moles that people may have had for all their lives might develop into a cancer all of a sudden. The cancer causing ones may look almost like a mole but one can make out the difference using a few guidelines. Cancerous moles are usually blotchy and have dark edges, contrary to normal moles, that have rounded, smooth and clean edges. The cancerous moles may also itch, ooze, or bleed for no apparent reason. If you have any such growth in your body, you may have to get it removed before it turns into a full-blown malignant cancer.
How To Cover 
  • If you have made sure that your beauty mark comes under neither the ‘flaunt it’ Zone nor the ‘danger’ zone, and if you wish to cover it, here’s what you could do:
  • The time-tested method is to apply a foundation over it, the one that you normally use over your face if you are doing a full-face makeup routine, and cover the beauty mark with a concealer.
  • When using a concealer, make sure it gives maximum coverage. In such a case, cream concealers are most helpful.
  • If you are having problems using the concealer properly, you could consult a professional for help.
  • After using a concealer, especially a cream concealer, you must use setting powder so that it does not peel off.

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