Those who know the importance of lip liner in enhancing the appeal of their lips just cannot do without its application. Explore this article to find useful tips on how to use lip liners.

Lip Liner Application Tips

There is no denying the fact that the lips are the most sensuous feature on your face and it is important to give them the necessary attention, as they can significantly improve your facial appearance. Though a whole range of lip products is flooding the beauty stores today, there are some that you really can’t do without. One such product is a lip liner, which is used to give a neatly defined edge to your lips, so that they portray a decided shape. A lip liner is always applied before the lipstick. In case you are wondering what the right way to use a lip liner is, we bring you some useful application tips to teach you exactly the same.
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How To Use Lip Liners 
  • The first step is to clean your lips by removing any traces of lip balm or gloss that you had applied earlier.
  • Make sure that your liner pencil is fairly sharp. In case you are using a roll-on lip liner, refrigerate it for a few minutes before usage.
  • If your liner is too pointed, do not break the point. Just rub it on a tissue till you get the desired shape.
  • To begin the liner application, make a dot on the center of the upper lip and lower lip. Just in the same way, make some more dots on the entire lips. Make the dots at a distance from each other.
  • Using a firm hand, start joining the dots. Continue till the edge of the lips.
  • Once you are through, wait for a second or so and carefully check in the mirror for any left space. In case any space is left, fill it with light strokes of lip liner.
  • Now, you can apply the lipstick in between the outline that has been created by the liner.  
Lip Liner Tips For Different Lip Shapes
Thin Lips
Just line the outside of your lips with the favored lip liner shade. Women with thin lips should avoid matte shades of lipstick, lip-color or lip-stain, as they make the lips appear thinner. Go for Ice, Frost, and Shimmer glosses to give volume to your lips and make them appear plump.
Uneven Lips
Outline the outside of the thinner half of the lip and then continue along the natural line of the fuller half, with the lip liner of your choice. Follow it up by filling the space with your favorite lipstick, lip-stain or lip-color.
Fuller Lips
Cover your lips with foundation to make them appear thinner. Using your choice of lip liner, line the lips slightly inside the natural lip line of yours. Matte shades of lipstick, lip-stain or lip-color will suit women with fuller lips. Matte gloss can be used for adding a little moisture to the lips.
Additional Tips 
  • When choosing a lip liner, always go for the one that is either neutral or matches the color of your lipstick. It is always better to go for liner colors that can gel well with the lipstick.
  • Do not use a lip liner color that is darker than your lipstick. While the lipstick begins to fade as time passes, the liner remains intact and you will be just left with an odd-looking outline on your lips.

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