There are some distinct procedures on how to apply perfume, which need to be known by one and all. With the perfume application tips given here, you will be able to know each one of them in detail.

How To Apply Perfume

A perfume not only brings fragrance to your body, but also gives a completely different appeal to your entire personality. Even after buying expensive brands of perfume, do you find that they lose their scent in no time at all? In case you are thinking that there is some problem with the perfumes, you are wrong. In fact, you may not be aware that there are special ways to apply perfume as well, to make its effect last longer. Basically, a fragrance lasts for six to eight hours in a person, depending on the nature of his skin. However, it is always possible to make its effects last longer, by keeping certain basic application tips in mind. We bring you some helpful info on how to apply perfume in a way that its effects last longer, helping you make your presence felt even in a crowd.
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Perfume Application Tips 
  • The basic way to use perfume is to hold the bottle in one hand and unscrew its cap. Put your one finger at the opening of the perfume bottle. You will feel that the fluid moistens your finger tip. At this point, dab the perfume on your body.
  • Perfume lasts longer on oily skin, as it contains natural moisture that can store the scent for a longer duration of time. If you have dry skin, you should use a fragrance-free moisturizer before applying perfume, to make the scent stay for longer period of time.
  • Apply perfume at the right place, to have the maximum effect. Spray your perfume at the pulse points, like the folds in your elbow crooks, the backside of your neck, your cleavage, knees and wrist. These parts emit heat, which can react best with the fragrances.
  • Apply some perfume behind your ears as well, as it is another important pulse point in the body. The blood vessels close to the skin act as mini scent diffusers and radiate heat. Thus, you signature scent is emitted for a long duration of time.
  • Do not rub your wrists together after applying the perfume, as this will crush the scent and wipe out its effect.
  • Ladies can spray some perfume on a cotton ball and place it inside their bra. The perfume will smell fresh for a long period of time.
  • You can apply a light spray of your favorite perfume on your hair, to find it effective for a long period of time. However, take care that you spray the perfume only on freshly washed hair, lest the oil present in it changes the scent. Hold the perfume at a distance of about 8 inches, while spraying it on the hair.
  • You can make yourself smell great by using a layer of fragrance products. Start with a shower gel and apply some aromatic body lotion and body powder. At the end, spray your perfume and you will see that the smell lasts for a considerably longer duration of time.
  • Applying the right amount of perfume is very necessary. You want to make yourself scented, not the entire surrounding. Hence, be calculative about the amount you spray, lest you make people suffocated with the over-fragrance. 
  • Always apply perfume before putting on your clothes and jewelry. This is important since perfume can result in their staining.
  • Make sure to close the perfumes properly after use. Since perfumes contain alcohol, they tend to evaporate fast.
  • Be careful that you do not spray perfume near your face, especially around your eyes. In case you end up doing that, wash your eyes with cold water immediately.
  • While spraying perfume on your hair, take care that you do not spray it on your hairbrush or comb. If your comb gets the perfume, next time when you use other scent, the fragrance will get mixed.
  • Do not stick to a singe scent. Rather, try to use different perfumes over a period of time. This change has a powerful effect on your emotions and mindset. It will also keep you fresh always. 

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