African American hairstyles can be sassy, sporty, traditional, elegant, sexy, and the list goes on. Explore the article to find the most popular African American haircuts and take your pick.

African American Hairstyles

African American hair can be a little tricky to style, because of their sturdy texture. You can choose the hairstyle according to your personality. You can go for a bold and daring short hairstyle with bangs, or simply sport the traditional ponytails, albeit in a modern style. A variety of other stylish hairdo options are also available, which go very well with the African American hair. This article beings for your some very popular African American haircuts, from which you can take your pick, depending on the length and style you deem fit for your persona.
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Popular African American Haircuts
Bob Hair Styles
The classic bob hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles to be sported by African American women. Angular cuts on the back and sides impart an asymmetrical look to the bob cut. A bang can also be added to the cut, resting just above the eyebrows. The length of the hair at the back can be kept shorter than the hair length at the sides.
Traditional Ponytails
For young African American girls, traditional ponytails have always been considered a neat hair style. The regular ponytail can be given an updated look by using a zigzag design. The zigzag design is, especially, suitable for two large ponytails, one on each side of the head.
Braiding Styles
Braids are also very popular for the African-American type of hair. Cornrow braids can be given patterns to make almost every possible hairstyle. To create a French braid, hair can be braided down the center, in a single braid. Fancy zigzag parts can also be mixed in cornrow braids. Synthetic hair can be added for achieving more length. Box-braid styles, also known as 'individual braids', and Micro braids with loose ends are also preferred Africa American hairstyles.
Prom Hairstyles
Classic styles to edgier ones, there are many prom styles that go very well with the African American texture of hair. The pixie style can be achieved by pulling small sections of hair at an angle up and outward, using a ceramic style press to create flips. Comb coils style works best on short hair. Divide the hair into small sections and use a rattail comb to slowly turn them and make coils. Long waves are also a popular prom hairstyle, in which medium-sized hot rollers are used to create waves in the hair
Hair Updos
Updo hair styles also work well on African American hair. Medium or long hair look pretty in a half up and half down style. Low buns and classic crown updos will also look great. Partial cornrows braid styles, with finished updos, are much popular. A faux or reverse updo is a nice option for natural black hair.
Layered hairstyles are known to be in fashion at all times. Straightened short hair, with layers on the sides and at the back, is a good in-between style for those who are growing their hair long. Layered hairdo can be kept as short as pixie length or can be kept longer as well for a more versatile look. You will have to tell your hair stylist the exact length that you want for your hair, when you go for layers.

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