Funky hairstyles are not just for women, but for men too. Check some of the most popular haircut styles for a man.

Popular Hairstyles For Men

How many of us drooled when we saw Tom Cruise with his long locks in MI: 2 or envied Brad Pitt with his golden hair in Meet Joe Black? Of course, the former applies to women and the latter, for men! God blessed you with thick and dense hair, but you are confused as to what kind of hair style would suit you the best. To decide this, you need to take into account certain aspects of your personality like the shape of your face, the width of the forehead, your body frame, etc. The kind of hair texture you have also matters a lot when it comes to styling up your hair in a particular way.
Most men are wary of going for a drastic style change, so it is recommended that you opt for your stylish look gradually. For instance, if you have long hair, try trimming it regularly and shorten the length by an inch every time you trim it. This way, you will have a fair idea as to how you would look when you do get your hair shortened. If you have curly or thick wavy hair, try straightening it temporarily with a flat iron to see how it would look if you are deciding to go for permanent straightening. For further ideas and information on the popular hairstyles for guys, just scroll down!
Long Locks
Who said long hair is just for women! Men can look ravishing with long locks, provided they maintain it properly and keep it neat. No one wants the 80’s punk rock look in 2008. When I say long, think Own Wilson or Tom Cruise. They both had long, straight hair that was manageable and looked neat. It didn’t irritate by falling on the face all the time and the length gradually increased when going from the forehead to the back. In case your hair is too wavy or thick to manage, consider straightening.
Crew Cuts
Guys with accentuated facial features like a strong jaw line and intense eyes can opt for crew cuts. It is low maintenance and looks absolutely neat. In case you have a round or oval shape head, don’t go in for this. Crew cuts look best on square shaped face or heart shaped face (Ricky Martin). Also, if your ears tend to protrude out a bit too much, getting a crew cut may just attract unwanted attention at your ears. Get a regular short haircut and check out your features to see if they stand out too much. After you are satisfied, get the real short crew cut.
Spikes and Tousles

One of the most popular hairstyles for guys is the spiked and tousled look. There can be many different variations of this hair style. The spikes can be just above the forehead (Jude Law) or can go from the front to back like a rock star (David Beckham). It may also be called the ‘just out of bed’ look as it hardly requires you to comb it neatly. However, make sure you know the difference between tousled and unkempt. While the former looks hot, the latter looks shabby! Get a styling gel for yourself and apply to style your hair and tousle it up with your fingers.

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