Braids have always been a huge fad amongst men. Read your way through this article for a ‘guide of sorts’ on braided hairstyles for men.

Braided Hair Styles For Men

Do you have long or short hair? Have you always wanted to sport braids, but been a little apprehensive about getting your hair braided? Throw away your inhibitions and get your hair braided, if you think, you must. Braiding, also known as a plaiting, is a method of styling hair that involves tying together in a specific pattern three or more strands of hair. Men have always been big fans of braids. Musicians, dancers, skateboarders, and wrestlers have always been known to wear their hair in braids. If you plan on getting your hair braided, make sure you seek out the help of a friend or a professional. It’s all about making a smart and stylish decision. Braids can be worn short, long, rat tailed, or in cornrows. It all depends on an individual’s taste or preference. Take a step and read on to know more on braided hairstyles that have always been popular among men.
Popular Braided Hair Styles For Men 

Short Braids
Contrary to popular belief, it is not impossible to sport braids with short hair. The two most popular braided hairstyles are spiked braids and the shorter version of long braids. The spiked braids are ones that are styled to look like spiked hair. Hair that has been braided into spikes will stand up straight unlike conventional braids. Spiked braids are extremely popular amongst musicians, dancers, and wrestlers. The shorter version braids are akin to a sized down version of long braids. 

Long Braids
Long braids, as the name suggests, is the trend of having hair styled into long braids. Acquiring the longhaired and braided look takes a lot of patience and time. You will first have to grow your hair long enough to be styled into long braids, which roughly translates to shoulder length or longer hair. Long braids, are a rage amongst musicians, dancers, and wrestlers. Long hair can be styled into myriad micro braids or a single long braid. The single long braid style enjoys popularity over the ‘myriad micro braids’ style. The single long braid style is best for men who don’t have the time and patience to sit down for a micro braid session. 

Rat Tail Braids
The rat-tail braid is a hairstyle that’s themed around the mullet and is in fact a type of mullet. Hair is short around the front of the head and the sides, but grown out long at the back. The long strands of hair at the back are braided to look like a rat-tail. The rat-tail braid is extremely popular because it’s easy to maintain and can even be ‘camouflaged’ for the purpose of a professional meeting. Also, determining if a person has a rat-tail braid or not, will depend on the angle at which the hairstyle of the individual is looked at. 

Cornrows, arguably, are the most popular braided hairstyles for men. Cornrows are simply hair that’s braided close to the skull and are called so because this style of wearing hair resembles cornrows on a farm. The hair is braided into cornrows with rapid and successive hand movements. Cornrows were extremely popular amongst African and African American men, but have now caught up with the rest of the world too. Cornrows are easy to maintain and last for approximately three to four weeks. Cornrows are ideal for people with active lifestyles and people who don’t have the time to fuss over their hair.

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