With time, the dreadlock styles for guys have also undergone changes. In this article, we provide you with information on men’s/male dreadlock hair styles.

Men’s Dreadlock Styles

Fashions have come and gone, but the popularity of dreadlocks amongst men has never ceased to be there. Be it the bygone hippy era or the present time, in which youngsters have been inspired by ‘Jack Sparrow’ (Pirates of the Caribbean), dreadlocks continue to be a hot favorite amongst guys who like breaking the norms. All you need for getting dreadlocks is long hair and a cool attitude. Rest all will fall into place. Want to know, what are the latest male dreadlock hair styles? Just have a look at the lines written below and check out which men’s dreadlock style will work for you.
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Dreadlock Styles for Guys
Beehive Dreadlocks
If you want to get a retro look with your dreadlocks, the ‘Beehive Dreadlocks’ are just for you. You lock your curls into swirls and end up with a hairstyle that resembles a beehive. For this look you will have to use lots of hair sprays and hairpins, so that the hair remains in place. In short, these dreadlock are bad for your hair and make it prone to breakage.
Rasta Dreadlocks
For getting ‘Rasta Dreadlocks’, you should start observing Rastafarian (follower of Rastafarianism). Though, for them, dreadlock is a symbol of their community, it has been adopted by the west as style/fashion. For the purpose, you need to get very thin braids all over your head and wear them without tying, just letting them loose.
Jack Sparrow Dreadlocks
After watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, many guys fell in love with ‘Jack Sparrow’s’ hairstyle. If you haven’t seen the movie, go and see it first. For getting this look, you need to braid your hair into thin braids and adorn two front locks, one on each side of the head, with beads. Thereafter, tie a scarf around the forehead and exclude a few dreadlocks, including the beaded ones.
Lenny Kravitz Dreadlocks
The one-time dreadlock hairstyle of singer Lenny Kravitz continues to inspire youngsters even today. This style works the best for those with curly, coarse and thick hair and gives a guy a very-afro look. To get this style, you need to keep your locks in the same length, all around (top, sides and back). Make thick braids and tie them back, while keeping your sideburns medium-length.
Gold Dreadlocks

For this style, you need to color your hair to a golden hue. However, you will require a two tone hair color, light brown in the front and gold in the back. You can also use bleach for the purpose. Make thin or thick braids and take a few of the front ones and pull them back, securing them with a clip or rubber band. If your braids are pretty long, you can even tie them together, at the back.

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