The casual and laid back look is one of the coolest styles to don. Check out some useful tips to know how to look laid back.

How To Look Laid Back

Many youngsters, in an attempt to look cool actually end up looking dull. Though cool and laid back means not really having to bother about clothing styles and attires, it requires a certain amount of sense to dress up in a casual way. It is of course low maintenance and exudes a certain casual attitude. The laid back look is quite popular among college goers and school students, though these days, young working people are also opting for this look, in a subdued form. So in case you are one of those striving for this look but don’t know how to look laid back, check out these handy tips for achieving the laid back look.
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Tips for Laid Back Look 
  • You need to have a carefully planned wardrobe of casual clothes. Think various colors, designs and styles to avoid monotony. Have the basic colors in hand that includes black, white, blue and khaki.
  • Get accessories like bandanas, headbands, wristbands, scarves, funky belts and may be even some chic jewelry. Of course, the jewelry should be minimal or else you might end up looking like a rapper. Also, consider buying snazzy watches; they can add a lot of “cool” factor to your look.
  • Shoes are the most important thing in a wardrobe and please don’t think white running shoes are laid back and cool. They can kill your look and portray you like a loser. Think cool sneakers in colorful suedes, leather, corduroy patches, boots, flat sandals, etc. They look great with casual wear.
  • Baggy is way out and if you still stock it up your wardrobe, you seriously have to rethink about your look. Instead, opt for fitted track pants or cargo pants that fit well and not rest dangerously on your hip. You can also have colorful sweatshirts to go with tracks, but don’t match it with bling-bling!
  • However casual you may be, please keep your clothes in top condition. Wash and iron them regularly. The idea over here is to look laid back, not shabby!
  • You can have casual clothes for office wear as well. This means you can team up corduroy, jeans and informal trousers with formal and semi-formal shirts. You can also take along a sporty jacket to complete the look. Please avoid logo tee shirts, caps, and long shirts hanging out.
  • Though it is a laid back look, even this style requires some amount of precaution and thinking. Don’t combine khakis and pumps together. Cargoes do not require funky belts and avoid wearing open toes sandals with loose tracks.

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