The upper back is often touted as the ideal place for a new tattoo artist to get his first tattoo. Here are some ideas for tattoo designs for the upper back.

Upper Back Tattoos

Using body as a canvas is the easiest way of appreciating art. Be it body painting or tattoo art – the medium may be different but the expression is just the same. Tattoos have been known to exist ever since man settled down and had the time to think about much more than just the next meal and could appreciate art and other things associated with it. It is another way in which the human body can be made useful, but for a more aesthetic purpose than others! Everyday new enthusiasts join the tattoo bandwagon and go for tattoos of different body parts and designs. The upper back is however, the first place they might opt for because it can be easily hidden if they get too conscious of it. There are many designs that are ideal for tattoos on the upper back. Here are some ideas for upper back tattoos.
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Tattoo Ideas For Upper Back
Here are some tattoo ideas for the upper back, often the area where people get their first tattoo:
Tribal imagery is often a hit with tattoo enthusiasts – the new ones as well as the seasoned ones. Since the upper back is often the easiest place to get the first tattoo, and enthusiasts are spoilt for choice, one could get one drawn by a friend or ask the tattoo artist to suggest a good design. These can be small or large in size, according to your need and will not attract unnecessary attention, if that is what you want.
“I believe I can fly”, is the feeling that you will experience when a tattoo artist draws a pair of wings on your back. Wings represent freedom, ambition, and beauty – they could be butterfly wings, wings of a bird or also wings of an angel. Women usually go for wings as tattoos. Women can flaunt their humaneness and imperfection that comes with being a human, by getting a beautiful butterfly’s torn wings tattooed on their upper back. Women and men who want to show off their wickedness or belief in the devil or any other imagery of devil worshipping (or are just fans of gothic rock music) could get a bat’s wings or blood red wings tattooed to show off their preferences.
With these variety of tattoos too, enthusiasts are spoilt for choice. There are so many different nature tattoos in this category and size too is never an issue. Butterflies, lizards, spiders, flowers, and ivy are just a few different examples of nature tattoo that you may want to think about for the upper back. In addition, one might notice that stars, which are also found in nature, can be a great choice for the upper back. One could draw just one star or make a cluster and fill the whole back with them.
Religious Symbols 
Religious symbols have been around for as long as body art has sustained itself. People keep coming to tattoo artists with a new variation of the Hindu syllable ‘Aum’, the Christian Cross, the Chinese symbols of peace and balance, Islam’s Crescent, or any other religious symbols, and also some rare pagan symbols.
Men and women often prefer to have dragons tattooed on their upper backs – the more ferocious they look, the more men like it, while women generally go for the more colourful designs. Many of the dragon designs are large enough to fill the whole back and some are small enough to be carefully hidden.
Art For Art’s Sake 
There are many who love certain pieces of art by famous painters or sculptors and would love to get the works tattooed on their backs. Some would love to have a Mona Lisa on their backs while others might want a brilliant Raja Ravi Verma or any other artists’ work on their back.

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