Pisces tattoo represents the contradictory nature of life. Explore the article to know more about Pisces tattoo designs.

Pisces Tattoos Designs

Tattooing is an ancient art, which became popular among the youth of today as a form of self-expression. From the ancient times, many cultures, both tribal and civilized have practiced tattooing as a form of tradition and for identification also. Nowadays, people prefer tattoos with their zodiac signs. There are millions of people in the world, who believe in astrology, and love to get their zodiac tattoo inked on their body. Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the zodiac and originates from the Pisces constellation. The Pisces sign is usually feminine and considered as an extroverted water sign, ruled by the planet Neptune. People who are born between February 19th and March 20th are believed to be born under the sign of Pisces. People who are born in Pisces months share the same characteristics such as easy going, sensitivity, impracticability, imaginative thoughts and gullibility. Pisces tattoos often incorporate the water elements such as waves, bubbles and seaweed, etc. It is believed that the Pisces zodiac rules the feet, so people often wear their Pisces fish tattoos on their feet. Read on the article to know more about Pisces tattoos designs.
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Pisces Tattoo Ideas 
  • The major designs of Pisces are symbolized by twin fishes connected with a sting but swimming in opposite directions. This symbol represents the struggle which people with Pisces zodiac sign, often find themselves in, as though they are continuously being pulled in two opposite directions at once, and often end up in confusion and dilemma. Sometimes, people claim that fishes are a yin and yang combination, the tail of one in the face of the other and vice versa.
  • A few Pieces tattoo designs feature one white fish and the other black, and the color of their eyes as the corresponding color of their twin. It incorporates both Chinese philosophy and astrology in one tattoo design. One can use various color combinations to have the perfect design, which can be simple or complicated. It is also observed that a Pisces tattoo sometimes has lines or parentheses instead of fishes and the design looks somewhat similar to the alphabet 'H' in upper case.
  • It is said that the Pisces sign is associated with water Lilly flower so one can include water Lilly in the tattoo design. It is believed that green, aquamarine, teals, and light blues are the major colors associated with Pisces. People with Pisces zodiac also wear bloodstone tattoo, moon stone tattoo and cat’s eye tattoo. Besides, the popularity of tribal zodiac tattoos is also growing in this electronic age. Tribal zodiac tattoos represent uniqueness and people usually go for black and white tribal Pisces tattoo or a beautifully knotted Celtic tattoo.
  • People wear zodiac tattoos on any part of the body and Pisces tattoos are no exceptions. They can be inked on any part of the body, depending on their size. You can even get the customized tattoos with your initials, birth date or with the words such as ‘PISCES’. Nowadays, people even link the tattoos with Japanese and Chinese mythological base. The symbolic meaning of a Pisces tattoo is the contradictory and paradoxical nature of life itself and is a great representation of oneself and thus this zodiac sign makes an ideal choice for a tattoo.

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