Tattoos look good and make for a sassy style statement. Here are some cool and exciting ideas on tattoo designs for your kids. Just try them on and get your children sprinting with joy.

Tattoo Ideas For Kids

Tattoos are indeed the latest fashion craze! With almost everyone sporting a tattoo today, it’s unlikely for your kid for not to ask for one. Tattoos make for a great personal style statement and with everyone going gaga over the trend, it is likely that your child would, sooner or later, vie for one. It’s fair for you to raise your eyebrows over one such demand and even fret over it. Your child’s health is your concern and it isn’t easy to overlook the possible hazards of skin tattoo. However, like everything else, there is a key to this problem as well. While it is not easy to give into your child’s relentless plea to get a tattoo inked, you can go for options like temporary tattoos. These tattoos are easy to wear, absolute risk-free and high on style too! Stick-on tattoos are non-toxic and will stay on one’s skin for a few days. What more, your child can experiment with various designs and have the choice to sport a new tattoo every day, if he/she so pleases.  So, if you have already given a nod to all his sweet pestering, here are some exciting tattoo ideas for kids to choose from. Read on to explore your options.
Cool Tattoo Designs For Children
  • When hunting for that perfect tattoo design, your kid is likely to press for designs that are sure to make you frown! Often, children fail to see what suits them the best and this is where you come in. Help your child by picking some cool flower or butterfly tattoos, if she happens to be a girl. They look delicate and will compliment your little sweetheart. In case of a boy, sun sign symbol or yin and yang tattoo is a good option.
  • For boys, you can opt for small vines with tiny flower designs on them. They look cool if pasted on arms or even back. Vines make for perfect armband tattoos. You can also go for twisted, curvy lines as tattoos for your little hunk.
  • If your child is an animal freak, he/she would just love to wear animal tattoos. Dolphins or turtles look good on arms. You can also choose between birds, tigers, and snakes. Even dinosaurs or other fictional animal characters will work well for your kid.
  • If your children love automobiles, getting them a car or bike tattoo would work. There are different kinds of auto tattoos available in the market. You can go for your child’s favorite sport bike or racing car tattoo and see him/her beaming with delight.
  • Smileys are a cute tattoo option for your child. They look warm and buoyant and add to your child’s happy-go-lucky persona. So, while digging for tattoos, you can pick up different kind of smiley stick-on tattoos for your kid.
  • Cartoon characters are almost a rage with the kids. This is one tattoo they are surely going to love. All you have to do is to pick out the tattoo of their favorite cartoon character, like Calvin and Hobbes, Power Puff Girls, Superman, or anything that catches their fancy and surprise them with it.
  • Letter based tattoos looks cool and stand out. They are a stylish option to the regular picture tattoos. You can pick up your kids’ initials and paste the same on their hands or backs.

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