An indie hairstyle is the best way to look like a rock star. Explore the article below to learn more on indie haircut.

Indie Haircut

If you want to get noticed and don’t mind some ogles and stares then you can safely go for an indie haircut. With fast colors and asymmetric cuts, the indie hairstyle is sure to give you the second look. The indie haircut was brought into fashion by the rock movement of the early 80’s. Since then numerous celebrities have sported this style and it has rapidly caught on with the hip and trendy crowd. But though high in the fashion quotient not many are ready to accept the messy look. For it requires quite a lot of attitude to carry on this style. With flamboyant colors, it also requires a flamboyant personality. Another advantage of this is that you can create your own hairstyles. The only criteria being that it should have loud colors and asymmetric cuts. Many of the indie haircut styles that are so popular nowadays have been started by celebrities. As the name indie, which stands for independent, suggests it all depends on the individual. To know more on how to get an indie haircut, go through the article below for some tips.
Indie Hairstyles
The Fawxhawk
  • This is a version of the Mohawk style.
  • The hair on the center is kept long while those on the sides are short.
  • Another style is to bring the hair towards the center with the tips curled or left loose.
  • The hairs can also be textured with molding wax. 
The Bohemian
  • This is a Caucasian indie-style.
  • The hair has a natural wave without any straightening.
  • The hair is either made into a messy side part or is parted at the centre. 
The Pixie
  • The hair is cut short and is sometimes kept towards the side.
  • It can be kept with or without bangs.
  • For straight hairs, molding wax is used to add texture and volume to the style.
  • For those with curly hair can grow their hair slightly long to avoid puffy head. 
The Bob
  • The hair is left long at the chin and trimmed short around the nape.
  • The variations in this style include straight-across bangs and side-swept bangs.
  • This style is best in curled and straight hair. 
The Scenester
  • This is similar to Goth style with angular and jagged edges.
  • The bottom layer hair is long with short layers around the chin and towards the top.
  • The hairs can be straightened to increase the angular effect. 
Aspects Of Indie Hairstyle
  • It is the most important factor that determines the indie look.
  • There should be at least a little bit of hair color or a combination of colors.
  • The colors selected should be vibrant and bright. Colors like orange, green, pink and blue are the best.
  • The areas that should be highlighted with colors are the specific hair parts like the tips of strands, the crown, and the bangs. 
The Hair Cut
  • Indie hairstyle is dominated by different haircuts.
  • Select the cut that best suits your personality. 
The Style
  • There are various indie hairstyles that you can choose from.
  • The Mohawk style is the most common.
  • Various styles can use accessories like spikes, loops, parts, braids etc.
  • Go for weird and multiple colored styles. 
Tips On Male Indie Haircuts
  • Decide on the length of the hair. The length should depend on how much you will be able to maintain it on a daily basis. The hair length can be either short or medium.
  • Long haircuts should be straightened on a regular basis.
  • Decide if you would like to go for a neat or messy look.
  • Next are the colors that suit your personality. See, if you can carry on a mix of colors. Also, if you are comfortable with going in for additions.
  • If you want bangs then you can either leave it long or push it off to one side. You can also go for angled cut bangs that fall just below the eye level.

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