Do you want to look different from the crowd? If yes, then follow the haircut fashion for punks. To know more, check out the cool punk hairstyle ideas given in this article.

Cool Punk Hairstyles

The colorful punk hairstyles are considered to be a style statement in themselves. Peculiar though, these haircuts are the cool choice among the extremely adventurous lot, today. It requires a different attitude to carry the style. And those who have it enjoy sporting the bizarre haircut, also dying their hair in different colors, ranging from orange, pink, red, purple, black and blue to yellow. Although punk haircuts won't suit every type and texture of hair, you can opt for this style, provided you use the appropriate stylizing products. For more information, check out the cool punk hairstyles given in the article.
Cool Haircut Ideas For Punks
The Dread Hawk
To sport the perfect dread hawk cut, you need to stylize your hair into dreadlocks, braided or pulled back. To create the dreadlocks, wash your hair with 1 tablespoon vinegar, mixed in 1 quart water. Do not condition your hair for the next ten days. After drying your hair, twist the locks, starting from the roots. Comb the section of the twisted hair back. Repeat the same with other sections of your hair.
The 270-Degree Hawk
If the hair is stylized according to the 270-degree hawk, the grown-out midline of the locks will reach the forehead at an angle of 270 degrees. The hair is stylized straight. The locks expand from the back of the head and reach the forehead.
The Slant Hawk
In the slant hawk haircut, the outgrown portion of the hair runs from one side of the neck to the opposite side of the head, near the brow. Peculiar though, this hairstyle will surely admired by your fellow punk fashion buffs.
The Classic Punk Hairstyle
Dye your hair in pink, purple or green color. Using a hard gel or mousse, pull the hair towards the center of your head and make spikes out of it. The classic style looks extremely attractive in people following the punk fashion.
The Beaver Punk Hairstyle
When the hair is stylized according to the beaver punk style, it is given the shape of a fan, with short thick strips of hair in the center. The hair in the side portions are combed down.
The "Liberty" Spikes
This traditional punk hairstyle reminds us of the Statue of Liberty. The hair is stylized to form long and midline spikes. The outgrown portion of the midline is divided from the spikes, to complete the look.
The Horror Style
Though it sounds terrifying, horror is a cool punk hairstyle. The hair is dyed in blue-black color. The scalp is shaved, leaving a strip, starting at the forehead and going towards the neck. To give a stylish look, you can spike the hair strip.
The Reverse Mohawk
In this hairstyle, the hair is grown out from the sides, while the midline is shaved clean. As the name suggests, this haircut is opposite to the traditional Mohawk, in which hair in the midline are grown, with the side portions being shaved off.

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