If you are finding it difficult to choose the most appropriate size for your footwear, then this article is just for you. Go through the instructions and learn how to find shoe width.

How To Find Shoe Width

Many people are unsure about their shoe size. They often end up purchasing ill-fitting pair of shoes, which are either loose or tight. Finding the right pair of shoes is important for our comfort. If you are looking for the right pair of shoes, then measuring the size of your foot is a nice idea. By measuring your foot, you will be able to figure out the appropriate width and size of your shoes. Check out the article to learn how to find shoe width by doing simple calculations.
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Finding Shoe Size
Things Required
  • Large Sheet of Paper
  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler or Measuring Tape 
  • Tape the paper to the floor.
  • Place your foot firmly on the middle of the sheet of paper. Bend your leg slightly forward, so that your shin is positioned slightly in front of your ankle.
  • With a pencil, start tracing the outline of your foot. Do not wear shoes while measuring your foot. You may either measure your bare foot or wear socks that you will be wearing with the shoes you are about to purchase.
  • While tracing the outline, make sure that the pencil is positioned perpendicular to the paper.
  • Rest the pencil tightly against your foot, as you go about drawing the outline.
  • Draw straight lines, touching the outer points, at the top, bottom and either sides of the outline.
  • Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the length from the bottom line to the top line, which you drew in the previous step.
  • Hold the measuring tape straight. Locate the closest mark possible. For instance, make use of the closest 16th mark for inches. Note down this number.
  • Now, measure the width of your foot by making use of the measuring tape. Start tracing from the line on one side of your tracing, done previously, to the line on the other side.
  • Be sure to find the nearest mark possible. Again, note down this number.
  • Repeat the process for other foot as well.
  • After noting down all the measurements, subtract 3/16th of an inch from the numbers. This leaves a small gap between your actual foot and the line made by the pencil, so that your foot rests in the shoes comfortably.
  • Now, you have arrived at the final measurements for your shoes.

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