It can be troublesome to buy the right bra size for yourself, without the right guidelines to help you. Explore the article to know some useful tips on how to find a comfortable bra.

How To Find A Comfortable Bra

You would be surprised to know that 80% of women wear the wrong size bra. Wearing the wrong bra size is very unhealthy for your breasts and it can cause damage to your breast tissues in the long run. However finding a bra that is comfortable and also your size can be a little tricky. Since there are so many styles and sizes to choose from, it is quite normal to be confused, more so, without any help or guidelines to follow. The article comes up with some very useful tips for you that will help you to find the right bra for yourself. Read on to know how to find a comfortable bra.
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How To Buy The Right Size Bra 
  • The first thing to do while selecting a comfortable bra is to check the band size. The common advice is to go for a size that is 5 inches over the actual measurement of your breasts. However, for most women adding only 2-3 inches works better. The bra should hold your breasts firmly in place and this can be best judged by trying the garment. If possible try the bra to figure out whether it fits you well or not.
  • The second step is to measure the cup size, which could be slightly difficult. If you have a well fitting non-padded bra, you can wear it while measuring your cup size. Take care that it should not flatten your breasts or it will create an illusion of smaller cup size. Note your cup size and compare it with the band size to know the difference. If the band is loose or tight, your will have to alter the cup size accordingly.
  • The central panel of the bra should lay flush against your breast bone. In case there is any puckering away from your body, it indicates that the cup size is too small. This means that you need a bra that has a central panel large enough to accommodate the area between your breasts.
  • Make sure that you don’t buy a bra with an under wire that pokes the skin on your breasts. The under wire should also not reach the area close to your arm pits. It should lay flat against the rib cage.
  • Go for the bras that have a wider strap. Too small bras or the ones with narrower straps will dig into the shoulders. Women with large breasts should specially take care to support the extra weight with wider straps.
  • In order to accommodate the breast weight, purchase those bras that have a back strap lying lower on the back.
  • In case you are trying out a bra, check yourself in the mirror. Ideally, your breast should sit half way between your elbow and the top part of your shoulders. Also take care that you don’t end up wearing a small bra to give the illusion of cleavage. The breast tissues are sensitive and extra pressure can cause damage and bruising to the tissue.

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