No matter how complicated it looks like, tying a turban will become pretty easy once you know the right instructions to follow. Read on for some useful tips on how to wear/tie a turban.

How To Wear A Turban

Turban holds immense religious and cultural significance for the Sikh community in India.  It is believed that Moses, the most important prophet in Judaism, had also worn a turban at God’s command. However away from the religious reasons, turban is worn today in different styles and has become quite a style statement for many. The followers of Sikhism still wrap the turban in their traditional style. In case you are on the look out for some useful tips on how to wrap/tie a prefect turban, just follow the article. 
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How To Tie A Turban 
  • Before beginning to wrap the turban, tie the hair in a bun. The piece of cloth for tying the turban should be at least two and a half feet long.
  • Fold the cloth neatly in half (lengthwise). Lay the cloth on your head in such a way that the folded part falls on your forehead and the sides hang down on the front side of your shoulders. 
  • Grasp the length of the cloth on each side of your ear and twist them. Make sure that you twist tightly enough, so that the turban is firm on your head. If you twist too loosely or too tightly, the turban will not fit properly on your head.
  • Slide your hands to around 10 inches down the length of each twisted end of the cloth. Pull the ends behind and then, switch both hands, laying one end on the top of other. Once you have done this, bring both the ends forward along the side of your head, above the ears.   
  • The next step is to cross the lengths of cloth over your forehead and enfold them towards the back. Create the desired height for tying the turban in the front. Once you have decided on the height, tie each length of cloth similar to the way you will tie a shoelace. Insert the remaining ends inside the base wrap. In case, the remaining ends are too long, you can round them around your head one more time.
  • If you wish, you can also decorate the turban using accent scarves or hanging jewelry. If you are decorating the turban using accent scarves, twist them all through the base wrap. 
Tying A Turban Patialashahi Style 
  • Ask someone to hold one end of the cloth and hold the other end in your hand. Start folding the loose end inwards.
  • Now, carefully swap the end with the other person. Repeat the folding process on the end in your hand.
  • Gently, begin to stretch the end in your hand.
  • Wrap the cloth around your elbow-fist to collect it neatly. Place the wrapped turban at a table and hold one end of the folded turban with your teeth.
  • Bring the turban around your head in a way that it covers your left year. The turban now should return halfway around your head. It should partly cover the previous turn.
  • Repeat the wrapping around the head, this time moving up a tad bit on the left side and lower slightly on the right side with every turn.
  • Do the wrapping in a way that when you reach the other end of the turban, the last turn covers your right year.
  • Tuck the remaining ends into the space near the top of your forehead and behind the layers of the turban.
  • Now, leave the end you had held by your teeth in the beginning. You can either let it loose or gently tuck it behind your head in the turban.

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