A sports watch should be tough enough to withstand the activities a man enjoys. With this article, we present tips on how to choose and select men’s sports watches.

How To Choose Men’s Sports Watches

In the earlier times, a watch was a timepiece that was used to keep track of time. Over the years, the trend has changed dramatically and sports watches have gained fame and popularity. Today, men’s sports watches showcase a plethora of features and are available in a large range of categories, to suit different kinds of sports and goals. There are so many complex and multifunctional timepieces available today that it becomes difficult to choose the right one for your man. Take out time to make the final decision by having a closer look at each one. Not to forget, check the warranty of the selected watch before paying off the bill. Read on further to explore more tips on how to select men’s sports watches.
Selecting Sports Watch For A Man 
  • Make sure that the watch can withstand high impact sports. Quartz watches are amazingly durable and fit most budgets. If mechanical watches are what you are looking for, some of the most intricate Swiss mechanical watches are tough enough, as long as they are designed for the same.
  • While selecting a sports watch, keep in mind that it has to be water resistant. A water resistant watch is sealed to protect it from dirt and water. Humidity and accidental water exposure can damage a non-resistant watch; hence, this fact must be taken into consideration.
  • Another important factor to be taken care of is the material of a sports watch. Stainless steel is a tough material, while precious metals can get stained on exposure to salt water or chemicals. Contemporary materials like titanium and carbon fiber are also used by some of the top brands, for making sports watches. Ceramic is also an alternative, as it does not rust or scratch and looks stunning.
  • Select your watch on the basis of the functions you require in it. The most popular amongst them is a chronograph that measures time sectors using independent hands and can be stopped and started as and when required. In case you are looking for comparison times, choose a split-seconds chronograph, which has two hands for seconds, one of which can be stopped for intermediate timing, while the other which continues to run.
  • A heart rate monitor chest strap monitors your heart rate and gives you the feedback on your performance over the duration of a fitness activity. A heart rate monitor also guides you by informing you whether your exercise intensity is too high or too low and even how well you are recovering from your last effort. So, it is quite a desirable feature in a sports watch.
  • There are advanced sports watches that track speed and distance, with an accelerometer foot-pod device, pedometer or fully-fledged GPS tracking system. This immensely benefits runners and athletes who want to keep a track of their speed, pace, distance traveled and plot routes of their courses.
  • In case you are looking for a stylish collection and brand, choose one that depicts your favorite sporting legend. Most iconic watches are endorsed by celebrities from various sports, like golf, motor sports, tennis, cricket etc. Go ahead and take your pick.

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